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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
12016Short-horizon event study estimation with a STAR model and real contaminated eventsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Savva, Christos S. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 
2Oct-2020Measuring Firms’ Market Orientation Using Textual Analysis of 10‐K FilingsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Harris, Terry ; Philip, Dennis British Journal of Management 
3Dec-2018Managerial overconfidence and the buyback anomalyAndreou, Panayiotis ; Cooper, Ilan ; De Olalla Lopez, Ignacio Garcia ; Louca, Christodoulos Journal of Empirical Finance 
4Sep-2019The information content of forward momentsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Kagkadis, Anastasios ; Philip, Dennis ; Taamouti, Abderrahim Journal of Banking & Finance 
53-May-2016The impact of vertical integration on inventory turnover and operating performanceAndreou, Panayiotis ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Panayides, Photis International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications 
61-Apr-2021Dispersion in Options Investors’ Versus Analysts’ Expectations: Predictive Inference for Stock ReturnsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Kagkadis, Anastasios ; Maio, Paulo ; Philip, Dennis Critical Finance Review 
7Jan-2009Cross-listing and operating performance: evidence from exchange-listed American depositary receiptsCharitou, Andreas ; Louca, Christodoulos Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 
81-Nov-2016Corporate Governance and Firm-specific Stock Price CrashesAndreou, Panayiotis ; Antoniou, Constantinos ; Horton, Joanne G. ; Louca, Christodoulos European Financial Management 
91-Apr-2019CEO Duality, Agency Costs, and Internal Capital Allocation EfficiencyKarasamani, Isabella ; Andreou, Panayiotis ; Aktas, Nihat ; Philip, Dennis British Journal of Management 
101-Jan-2016Bank Liquidity Creation and Risk-Taking: Does Managerial Ability Matter?Andreou, Panayiotis ; Philip, Dennis ; Robejsek, Peter Journal of Business Finance & Accounting