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11-Oct-2019On the Influence of Twitter Trolls during the 2016 US Presidential ElectionSalamanos, Nicos ; Jensen, Michael J. ; He, Xinlei ; Chen, Yang ; Sirivianos, Michael 
23-May-2012Destruction of Microcystins by Conventional and Advanced Oxidation Processes: a ReviewSharma, Virender Kumar ; Triantis, T.M. ; He, Xuexiang ; Pelaez, Miguel A. ; Han, Changseok ; Song, Weihua ; O’Shea, Kevin E. ; Kaloudis, Triantafyllos ; Hiskia, Anastasia E. ; Dionysiou, Dionysios Demetriou D. ; De La Cruz, Armah A. ; Antoniou, Maria G. Separation and Purification Technology