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Marine Hydrophysical Institute RAS

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11-Apr-2016Visualization of ocean forecast in BYTHOSZhuk, Elena ; Zodiatis, George ; Nikolaidis, Andreas ; Stylianou, Stavros ; Karaolia, Andria 
21-Apr-2016PERSEUS ODV QC softwareIngerov, Andrey ; Khaliulin, Alexey Kh ; Godin, Eugeny A. ; Zhuk, Elena ; Isaeva, Elena ; Gertman, Isaac ; Zodiatis, George ; Nikolaidis, Andreas 
3Mar-2017On-line applications of numerical models in the Black Sea GISZhuk, Elena ; Khaliulin, Aleksey Kh ; Zodiatis, George ; Nikolaidis, Andreas ; Nikolaidis, Marios ; Stylianou, Stavros 
41-Apr-2016Black Sea GIS developed in MHIZhuk, Elena ; Khaliulin, Alexey Kh ; Zodiatis, George ; Nikolaidis, Andreas ; Isaeva, Elena