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129-Jan-2015Three-axis MR-conditional robot for high-intensity focused ultrasound for treating prostate diseases transrectallyYiallouras, Christos ; Ioannides, Kleanthis ; Dadakova, Tetiana ; Pavlina, Matt ; Bock, Michael ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
21-Jun-2015Review of MRI positioning devices for guiding focused ultrasound systemsYiallouras, Christos ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
31-Feb-2014MRI-guided sonothrombolysis of rabbit carotid arteryDamianou, Christakis A. ; Hadjisavvas, Venediktos ; Mylonas, Nicos ; Couppis, Andreas ; Ioannides, Kleanthis 
4Mar-2017MRI-guided focused ultrasound robotic system for the treatment of bone cancerMenikou, Georgios ; Yiallouras, Christos ; Yiannakou, Marinos ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
523-Jan-2017MRI-guided coupling for a focused ultrasound system using a top-to-bottom propagationYiannakou, Marinos ; Menikou, Georgios ; Yiallouras, Christos ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
6Feb-2018MRI-compatible breast/rib phantom for evaluating ultrasonic thermal exposuresMenikou, Georgios ; Yiannakou, Marinos ; Yiallouras, Christos ; Ioannides, Cleanthis ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
72020Magnetic Resonance Imaging–Guided Focused Ultrasound Positioning System for Preclinical Studies in Small AnimalsDrakos,  Theoharis ; Giannakou, Marinos ; Menikou, Georgios ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
8Dec-2020Focused ultrasound robotic system for very small bore magnetic resonance imagingDamianou, Christakis A. ; Giannakou, Marinos ; Evripidou, Nikolas ; Kegel, Stefan ; Huber, Peter E. ; Jenne, J̈urgen Walter 
91-Jun-2016Feasibility study for removing calcified material using a planar rectangular ultrasound transducerDamianou, Christakis A. ; Couppis, Andreas