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1Sep-1992Unanticipated exchange rate variability and the growth of international tradeSavvides, Andreas 
2Apr-2004Research spillovers among European and North-American economics departmentsKalaitzidakis, Pantelis ; Mamuneas, Theofanis ; Savvides, Andreas ; Stengos, Thanasis 
31-Mar-2014Remittances and income diversification in Bolivia's rural sectorLazarte Alcala, Naneida Regina ; Adkins, Lee C. ; Lahiri, Bidisha ; Savvides, Andreas 
41990Real exchange rate variability and the choice of exchange rate regime by developing countriesSavvides, Andreas 
51999Purchasing power parity in the long run and structural breaks: Evidence from real sterling exchange ratesParkes, Andrew L.H. ; Savvides, Andreas 
6Aug-1991Properties and stochastic nature of BEA's early estimates of GNPNeftci, Salih ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis 
7Aug-2006Openness in services trade and economic growthEl Khoury, Antoine ; Savvides, Andreas 
8Sep-2001Measures of human capital and nonlinearities in economic growthKalaitzidakis, Pantelis ; Mamuneas, Theofanis P. ; Savvides, Andreas ; Stengos, Thanasis 
912-Jul-2006The manufacturing wage inequality in Latin America and East Asia: Openness, technology transfer, and labor supplyAvalos, Antonio ; Savvides, Andreas 
101990LDC creditworthiness and foreign capital inflows: 1980-86Savvides, Andreas 
1127-Apr-2007Is the financial development and economic growth relationship nonlinear?Ketteni, Elena ; Mamuneas, Theofanis ; Stengos, Thanasis ; Savvides, Andreas 
12Aug-1992Investment Slowdown in Developing Countries During the 1980s: Debt Overhang or Foreign Capital Inflows?Savvides, Andreas 
132005International technology diffusion and the growth of TFP in the manufacturing sector of developing economiesSavvides, Andreas ; Zachariadis, Marios 
14Jul-2007International medical technology diffusionPapageorgiou, Chris ; Zachariadis, Marios ; Savvides, Andreas 
15Jul-2002Institutions, freedom, and technical efficiencyAdkins, Lee C. ; Moomaw, Ronald L. ; Savvides, Andreas 
16May-1998Inflation and monetary policy in selected West and Central African countriesSavvides, Andreas 
17Nov-2000Income inequality and economic development: Evidence from the threshold regression modelSavvides, Andreas ; Stengos, Thanasis 
18Mar-1991Export Diversification And Export Instability: Some Evidence From South East Asia And Latin AmericaSavvides, Andreas ; Mohtadi, Hamid 
19Mar-1995Economic growth in AfricaSavvides, Andreas 
20Jan-2006Economic development and the return to human capital: A smooth coefficient semiparametric approachMamuneas, Theofanis ; Savvides, Andreas ; Stengos, Thanasis