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11-Nov-2010Viscoelastic and fatigue properties of model methacrylate-based dentin adhesivesYe, Qiang ; Kieweg, Sarah L. ; Park, Jonggu ; Marangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.; Spencer, Paulette ; Singh, Viraj Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 
28-Sep-2011A seven country comparison of nurses’ perceptions of their professional practice environmentEfstathiou, George ; Agaroglou, Rengin ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Da Luz, Maria Deolinda Antunes ; Berg, Agneta C. ; Idvall, Ewa ; Kalafati, Maria ; Kanan, Nevin ; Katajisto, Jouko K. ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena T. ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Şendir, Merdiye ; Sousa, Valmi D. ; Suhonen, Riitta A. Journal of Nursing Management 
31-Mar-2011Scanning acoustic microscopy investigation of frequency-dependent reflectance of acid- Etched human dentin using homotopic measurementsMisra, Anil S.; Spencer, Paulette ; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Marangos, Orestes IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 
41-Dec-2011Rock-Joint Micromechanics: Relationship of Roughness to Closure and Wave PropagationMisra, Anil S. ; Marangos, Orestes International Journal of Geomechanics 
54-Apr-2012Quantitative Analysis of Aqueous Phase Composition of Model Dentin Adhesives Experiencing Phase SeparationSpencer, Paulette ; Park, Jonggu ; Misra, Anil S. ; Ye, Qiang ; Laurence, Jennifer S. ; Pamatmat, Francis ; Parthasarathy, Ranganathan ; Marangos, Orestes Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 
61-May-2009Physico-mechanical properties determination using microscale homotopic measurements: Application to sound and caries-affected primary tooth dentinMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S. ; Spencer, Paulette ; Bohaty, Brenda S. ; Katz, J. Lawrence Acta Biomaterialia 
71-Jan-2008On the anisotropic elastic properties of woodsKatz, J. Lawrence ; Friis, Lisa ; Misra, Anil S.; Marangos, Orestes ; Wang, Yong ; Spencer, Paulette Journal of Materials Science 
8Sep-2011Nurses’ perceptions of individualized care: an international comparisonEfstathiou, Georgios ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Da Luz, Maria Deolinda Antunes ; Idvall, Ewa ; Berg, Agneta C. ; Acaroglu, Rengin ; Şendir, Merdiye ; Kanan, Nevin ; Sousa, Valmi D. ; Katajisto, Jouko K. ; Valimaki, Maritta ; Leino-Kilpi, Helena T. ; Suhonen, Riitta A. ; Kalafati, Maria Journal of Advanced Nursing 
925-Nov-2018Needle grass array of nanostructured nickel cobalt sulfide electrode for clean energy generationZequine, Camila ; Bhoyate, Sanket ; Siam, Khamis ; Kahol, Pawan K. ; Kostoglou, Nikolaos ; Mitterer, Christian ; Hinder, Steven J. ; Baker, Mark A. ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Rebholz, Claus ; Gupta, Gautam ; Li, Xianglin ; Gupta, Ram K. Surface and Coatings Technology 
101-Sep-2018Modeling micromechanical measurements of depth-varying properties with scanning acoustic microscopyMarangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 
1113-Aug-2008Micromechanical model of rough contact between rock blocks with application to wave propagationMisra, Anil S.; Marangos, Orestes Acta Geophysica 
121-Sep-2011Fatigue life prediction of dentin-adhesive interface using micromechanical stress analysisSingh, Viraj ; Park, Jonggu ; Spencer, Paulette ; Ye, Qiang ; Kieweg, Sarah L. ; Marangos, Orestes ; Misra, Anil S.Dental Materials 
13Jun-2011Cross-cultural validation and psychometric properties of the Greek version of the caring behaviors Inventory: a methodological studyEfstathiou, Georgios ; Karlou, Chrysoula ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Papastavrou, Evridiki Journal of evaluation in clinical practice 
14Jun-2010Adhesive/dentin interface: The weak link in the composite restorationEslick, John ; Bohaty, Brenda S. ; Camarda, Kyle ; Park, Jonggu ; Wang, Yong ; Singh, Viraj ; Marangos, Orestes ; Sene, Fabio ; Katz, J. Lawrence ; Ye, Qiang ; Spencer, Paulette ; Topp, Elizabeth M. ; Misra, Anil S. Annals of Biomedical Engineering