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1Dec-2018Variation in caesarean section rates in Cyprus, Italy and Iceland: an analysis of the role of the mediaHadjigeorgiou, Eleni ; Spyridou, Andria ; Christoforou, Andri ; Iannuzzi, Laura ; Giovinale, Silvia ; Canepa, Matilde M. ; Morano, Sandra ; Jonsdottir, Sigridur Sia ; Karlsdóttir, Sigfrídur Inga Minerva Ginecologica 
22017Strategic account management as a value co-creation selling model in the pharmaceutical industryPilon, Francois ; Hadjielias, Elias Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing 
32-Jan-2017Quality, Satisfaction and Customers’ Future Intention: The Case of Hotels’ Fitness Centers in CyprusZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis ; Tjiapouras, Lambros Journal of quality assurance in hospitality & tourism 
4May-2014Quality and satisfaction with culinary education: evidence from CyprusConstanti, Panayiotis ; Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Theodossiou, Panayiotis Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education 
5Jun-2019Philoxenia offered to tourists? A rural tourism perspectiveChristou, Prokopis A. ; Sharpley, Richard Tourism Management 
6Feb-2015‘The past is prologue to the future’: an introspective view of hospitality and tourism researchTheocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis ; Zopiatis, Anastasios Scientometrics 
71-Dec-2018Nurturing nostalgia?: a response from rural tourism stakeholdersChristou, Prokopis A. ; Farmaki, Anna ; Evangelou, G. Tourism Management 
81-Dec-2013Migrant labor in hospitality: The Cyprus experienceConstanti, Panayiotis ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Zopiatis, Anastasios International Journal of Hospitality Management 
99-Aug-2019Maternal plasma levels of oxytocin during physiological childbirth - A systematic review with implications for uterine contractions and central actions of oxytocinUvnäs-Moberg, Kerstin ; Ekström, Anette ; Berg, Marie Louise Lekås ; Buckley, Sarah J. ; Pajalić, Zada ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni ; Kotłowska, Alicja ; Lengler, Lengler ; Kiełbratowska, Bogumiła ; León Larios, Fátima ; Magistretti, Claudia Meier ; Downe, Soo ; Lindström, Bengt ; Dencker, Anna BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 
102014Job involvement, commitment, satisfaction and turnover: Evidence from hotel employees in CyprusZopiatis, Anastasios ; Constanti, Panayiotis ; Theocharous, Antonis L. Tourism Management 
11Oct-2017The impact of managerial ability on crisis-period corporate investmentAndreou, Panayiotis ; Karasamani, Isabella ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Ehrlich, Daphna Journal of Business Research 
1211-Apr-2018Exploring the emotional dimension of visitors' satisfaction at cultural eventsChristou, Prokopis A. ; Sharpley, Richard ; Farmaki, Anna Event Management 
137-May-2015Drivers and Outcomes of Green Tourist Attitudes and Behavior: Sociodemographic Moderating EffectsLeonidou, Leonidas C. ; Coudounaris, Dafnis N. ; Kvasova, Olga ; Christodoulides, Paul Psychology and Marketing 
141-Apr-2019CEO Duality, Agency Costs, and Internal Capital Allocation EfficiencyKarasamani, Isabella ; Andreou, Panayiotis ; Aktas, Nihat ; Philip, Dennis British Journal of Management 
152016Adult vocational decision, career satisfaction and future intention: Insights from the hospitality industryZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management