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1Nov-2012A predictive control approach and interactive GUI to enhance distal environment rendering during robotized tele-echography: Interactive platform for robotized telechographyAvgousti, Sotiris ; Vieyres, Pierre P. ; Josserand, Laurence ; Chiccoli, Marco ; Sandoval, Juan ; Morette, Nicolas ; Novales, Cyril ; Fonte, Aicha ; Kasparis, Takis ; Voskarides, Sotos 
2Aug-2009Institutional Cooperation in Tele-Echography and Erasmus Program: The experience of two institutions in Cyprus and FranceKassinopoulos, Marios ; Voskarides, Sotos ; Avgousti, Sotiris ; Novales, Cyril ; Vieyres, Pierre ; Josserant, Laurence