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114-Mar-20154H-1,2,6-Thiadiazin-4-one-containing small molecule donors and additive effects on their performance in solution-processed organic solar cellsHermerschmidt, Felix ; Kalogirou, Andreas ; Min, Jie ; Zissimou, Georgia A. ; Tuladhar, Sachetan M. ; Ameri, Tayebeh ; Faber, Hendrik A. ; Itskos, Grigorios ; Choulis, Stelios A. ; Anthopoulos, Thomas D. ; Bradley, Donal D.C. ; Nelson, Jenny M. ; Brabec, Christoph J. ; Koutentis, Panayiotis A. 
23-Mar-2015Adaptive calibration of an underwater robot vision system based on hemispherical opticsConstantinou, Christos C. ; Loizou, Savvas ; Georgiades, George P. ; Potyagaylo, Svetlana ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios 
32013Air flow effect on the temperature of a building integrated PV-panelAresti, Lazaros ; Agathokleous, Rafaela ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
41-Jan-2017All-solution-based aggregation control in solid-state photon upconverting organic model compositesGoudarzi, Hossein ; Keivanidis, Panagiotis E. 
55-Apr-2017Amorphous Tin Oxide as a Low-Temperature-Processed Electron-Transport Layer for Organic and Hybrid Perovskite Solar CellsAmassian, Aram ; Alarousu, Erkki ; Mohammed, Omar F. ; Neophytou, Marios ; Murali, Banavoth ; Abulikemu, Mutalifu ; Del Gobbo, Silvano ; Tietze, Max L. ; McCulloch, Iain; Yue, Wan ; Barbé, Jérémy ; Labban, Abdulrahman El 
628-Dec-2015Amyloid beta plaque reduction with antibodies crossing the blood brain barrier opened with focused ultrasound in a rabbit modelYiannakou, Marinos ; Damianou, Christakis A. 
7Apr-2012An analysis of heat flow through a borehole heat exchanger validated modelFlorides, Georgios A. ; Pouloupatis, Panayiotis ; Christodoulides, Paul 
81-Jan-2015Analysis of smart magnetoelectric reinforced platesHadjiloizi, Demetra A. ; Kalamkarov, Alexander L. ; Metti, Ch ; Pacheco, Pedro M.C.L. ; Savi, Marcelo A. ; Georgiades, Tasos 
91-Jan-2014Analysis of smart piezo-magneto-thermo-elastic composite and reinforced plates: Part i - Model developmentHadjiloizi, Demetra ; Kalamkarov, A. L. ; Metti, Ch ; Georgiades, Tasos 
101-Jan-2014Analysis of Smart Piezo-magneto-thermo-elastic composite and reinforced plates: Part II - ApplicationsHadjiloizi, Demetra ; Kalamkarov, A. L. ; Metti, Ch ; Georgiades, Tasos 
112011Analytical and numerical analysis of 3D grid-reinforced orthotropic composite structuresHassan, Essmat M.; Savi, Marcelo Amorim; Georgiades, Tasos 
121-Jan-2013Analytical and numerical modeling for 3D smart orthotropic grid-reinforced composite structuresHassan, E. M. ; Kalamkarov, A. L. ; Georgiades, Tasos 
132011ANFIS-based modelling for photovoltaic power supply system: a case studyMellit, Adel ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
141-Apr-2017Anniversary editorialKalogirou, Soteris A. 
1511-Jul-2016The appearance of Ti3+ states in solution-processed TiOx buffer layers in inverted organic photovoltaicsZhidkov, Ivan S. ; McLeod, John A. ; Kurmaev, Ernst Z. ; Korotin, Michael A. ; Kukharenko, Andrey I. ; Savva, Achilleas ; Choulis, Stelios A. ; Korotin, Dm M. ; Cholakh, Seif O. 
162011Application of artificial neural networks for the prediction of a 20-kWp grid-connected photovoltaic plant power outputKalogirou, Soteris A. ; Mellit, Adel ; Massi Pavan, Alessandro ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. ; Mellit, Adel ; Massi Pavan, Alessandro 
172011Application of infrared thermography for the determination of the overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Value) in building envelopesFokaides, Paris A. ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
182010Application of neural networks and genetic algorithms for sizing of photovoltaic systemsMellit, Adel ; Drif, Mahmoud ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
195-Aug-2015Applications of ANNs in the field of the HCPV technologyAlmonacid, Florencia ; Mellit, Adel ; Kalogirou, Soteris A. 
202009Applying Internet-based Tele-operation Technologies to Remote Engineering Experimentation in Solar Energy EngineeringEleftheriou, Polyvios ; Michaelides, Ioannis