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1200910th International Biennial of IllustrationSofokleous, Konstantina 
220071st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary ArtSofokleous, Konstantina 
313-Sep-2017The 2015 Greek bailout referendum as a protest action: an analysis of media representations of the 'yes' and 'no' campaignsManavopoulos, Vasilis ; Triga, Vasiliki 
4Oct-2020The '23 ways to nudge' frameworkCaraban, Ana ; Karapanos, Evangelos 
54-May-201923 Ways to Nudge: A review of technology-mediated nudging in human-computer interactionCaraban, Ana ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Gonçalves, Daniel ; Campos, Pedro F. 
620082nd Moscow International Festival of ArtSofokleous, Konstantina 
7201050 Years of Artistic CreationSofokleous, Konstantina 
820096th Balkanima International Animated Film FestivalSofokleous, Konstantina 
9Nov-2013Active citizenship or activist citizenship? a framework for studying citizenship in new social movements and the role of ICTsPapa, Venetia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
1020-Apr-2018Activity tracking in vivoGouveia, Rúben ; Karapanos, Evangelos ; Hassenzahl, Marc 
112014“An ad's hidden message": technology-enhanced learning to develop 6th graders' media literacy skillsIolie Nicolaidou ; Ioannou, Yiota 
122011Adapting an inquiry, web-based learning environment on Nicotine Addiction from Israel to CyprusIolie Nicolaidou ; Herodotou, Christothea ; Terzian, Frederiki ; Hadjichambis, Andreas Ch. ; Kafouris, Dimitris ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
132014Adapting Web-Based Inquiry Learning Environments from One Country to Another: The CoReflect ExperienceHerodotou, Christothea ; Iolie Nicolaidou ; Redfors, Andreas ; Hansson, Lena ; Schanze, Sascha ; Saballus, Ulf ; Papadouris, Nicos ; Michael, Georgia ; Kyza, Eleni A. 
142010An adaptive live media streaming architectureDemetriou, Ellie ; Lambrinos, Lambros 
1525-Oct-2021Affecting Young Children’s Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors for Ultraviolet Radiation Protection through the Internet of Things: A Quasi-Experimental StudyTheodosi, Sotiroula ; Nicolaidou, Iolie 
162010Airborne asbestos fibers detection in microscope images using re-initialization free active contours.Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Bujak-Pietrek, Stella ; Szadkowska-Stanczyk, Irena ; Theodosiou, Zenonas 
17May-2020Algorithmic culture and filter bubble: the case of YouTube’s recommendation systemIrakleous, George 
18Jan-2019Algorithmic Media and Democracy: Power and Resistance Under DataficationCorreia, Joao Carlos ; Gradim, Anabela ; Morais, Ricardo 
192005Alice's Adventures in WonderlandSofokleous, Konstantina 
2014-Feb-2012The Allure of Race: From New Lefts to New TimesTorres, Rodolfo D. ; Kyriakides, Christopher