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120-Jun-2016A 3D virtual environment for training teachers to identify bullyingStavroulia, Kalliopi Evangelia ; Ruiz-Harisiou, Antri ; Manouchou, Elena ; Georgiou, Kyriakos ; Sella, Francesca ; Lanitis, Andreas 
22011Accessibility of Cypriot University websites in CyprusMavrou, Katerina ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis ; Michailidou, Eleni 
32006Accessible websites for people with dementia: a preliminary investigation into information architectureZaphiris, Panayiotis ; Savitch, Nada
42012An action research project on the use of facebook in an undergraduate visual communication study unitSouleles, Nicos 
5Sep-2018Addressing the cultivation of teachers’ reflection skills via Virtual Reality based methodologyStavroulia, Kalliopi Evangelia ; Lanitis, Andreas 
62007Advances in Universal Web Design and Evaluation: Research, Trends and OpportunitiesKurniawan, Sri ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis 
72015Aesthetics, Politics and Form in Cypriot Films: 1960-1974Stylianou-Lambert, Theopisti ; Philippou, Nicos 
82010Affective, interactive and cognitive methods for e-learning design: Creating an optimal education experienceTzanavari, Aimilia ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas 
92014Affordances of social technologies as social microworldsZaphiris, Panayiotis ; Parmaxi, Antigoni 
102009Age differences in online social networking – A study of user profiles and the social capital divide among teenagers and older users in MySpacePfeil, Ulrike ; Arjan, Raj; Zaphiris, Panayiotis 
112010Age estimation based on head movements: A feasibility studyLanitis, Andreas 
121-Jul-2017Age interval and gender prediction using PARAFAC2 and SVMs based on visual and aural featuresPantraki, Evangelia ; Kotropoulos, Constantine L. ; Lanitis, Andreas 
137-Apr-2016Age interval and gender prediction using PARAFAC2 applied to speech utterancesPantraki, Evangelia ; Kotropoulos, Constantine L. ; Lanitis, Andreas 
141-Jan-2016An age simulated virtual environment for improving elderly wellbeingZavlanou, Christina ; Lanitis, Andreas 
1516-Jan-2014Aliens versus Humans: Do avatars make a difference in how we play the game?Christou, Chris ; Michael-Grigoriou, Despina 
162016AngelouKorae, Eva 
17Jul-2014Application of sodium nitroprusside results in distinct antioxidant gene expression patterns in leaves of mature and senescing Medicago truncatula plantsFotopoulos, Vasileios ; Filippou, Panagiota S. ; Mylona, Photini V. ; Fasoula, Dionysia A. ; Ioannides, Ioannis M. ; Polidoros, Alexios N. ; Antoniou, Chrystalla 
182010Applying qualitative content analysis to study online support communitiesZaphiris, Panayiotis ; Pfeil, Ulrike 
192017Approaches to Displaying Death in Museums: An IntroductionStylianou, Elena ; Stylianou-Lambert, Theopisti 
202015An Artifact Ecology in a Nutshell: A Distributed Cognition Perspective for Collaboration and CoordinationVasiliou, Christina ; Ioannou, Andri ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis