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Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Condensed matter
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The Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids is a well-established international medium for publication of archival research in condensed matter and materials sciences. Areas of interest broadly include experimental and theoretical research on electronic, magnetic, spectroscopic and structural properties as well as the statistical mechanics and thermodynamics of materials. The focus is on gaining physical and chemical insight into the properties and potential applications of condensed matter systems.
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1Apr-2023Pressure-induced valence fluctuation in CsEuF3: From divalent Eu valence to trivalent Eu valence stateNakagawa, Takeshi ; Vrankić, Martina ; Menelaou, Melita ; Sereika, Raimundas ; Wang, Dong ; Zhang, Jianbo ; Ishii, Hirofumi ; Hiraoka, Nozomu ; Ding, Yang 
2Feb-2022Preparation of highly efficient thermoelectric Bi-doped Mg2Si0.55-xSn0.4Gex (x = 0 and 0.05) materials with a scalable mechanical alloying methodSymeou, Elli ; Karyou, M. ; Delimitis, Andreas ; Constantinou, Marios ; Constantinides, Georgios ; Nicolaou, Ch. ; Giapintzakis, Ioannis ; Kyratsi, Th