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Blue-Green Systems
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Blue-Green Systems brings together cutting edge research on sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible water use in cities and their regions, including innovative approaches such as Sponge Cities, Low Impact Development, Nature Based Solutions and Water Sensitive Urban Design. It welcomes contributions from water engineers, economists, planners, hydrologists, ecologists, sociologists, architects, landscape designers, health workers, policymakers and anyone else engaged in solving the water challenges of a rapidly urbanizing planet. Work at city, watershed, basin and region level is all of interest.
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11-Jan-2020Urban agriculture as a keystone contribution towards securing sustainable and healthy development for cities in the futureSkar, Siv Lene Gangenes ; Pineda-Martos, Rocío ; Timpe, Axel ; Pölling, Bernd ; Bohn, Katrin ; Külvik, Mart ; Delgado, Cecília ; Pedras, C. M. G. ; Do Paco, Teresa Afonso ; Ćujić, Mirjana ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Peticila, Adrian ; Alencikiene, Gitana ; Monsees, Hendrik ; Junge, Ranka