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FEMS Microbiology Letters gives priority to concise papers that merit rapid publication by virtue of their originality, general interest and contribution to new developments in microbiology. All aspects of microbiology, including virology, are covered.
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1Jul-2021The forgotten role of food culturesBourdichon, François ; Arias, Emmanuelle ; Babuchowski, Andrzej ; Bückle, Anne ; Bello, Fabio Dal ; Dubois, Aurélie ; Fontana, Alessandra ; Fritz, Duresa ; Kemperman, Rober ; Laulund, Svend ; McAuliffe, Olivia ; Miks, Marta Hanna ; Papademas, Photis ; Patrone, Vania ; Sharma, Dinesh K ; Sliwinski, Edward ; Stanton, Catherine ; Von Ah, Ueli ; Yao, Su ; Morelli, Lorenzo