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11-Jun-2023Impact of salinity stress on fruit quality of different Mediterranean cherry-type tomato landracesNtanasi, Theodora ; Ntatsi, Georgia ; Karavidas, Ioannis ; Ziogas, I. ; Karaolani, M. ; Fortis, Dimitrios ; Zioviris, Georgios ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Schubert, Andrea ; Guillaume, M. ; Causse, Mathilde A. ; Conesa, Miquel Àngel ; Galmès, Jeroni ; Savvas, Dimitrios 
21-Jun-2023Screening local landraces of melon for resilience to salinity stress under hydroponic greenhouse conditionsNtanasi, Theodora ; Ntatsi, Georgia ; Karavidas, Ioannis ; Outos, G. ; Maloukos, G. ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Guillaume, M. ; Causse, Mathilde A. ; Clemente, M. J. ; Schubert, Andrea ; Galmès, Jeroni ; Conesa, Miquel Àngel ; Savvas, Dimitrios 
31-May-2023Chemometric analysis for the classification, pattern recognition and clustering of wines from the indigenous Cypriot cultivar 'Xynisteri' based on their vintageKokkinou, D.; Pavlou, A.; Mina, Minas; Manganaris, George A.
41-Mar-2023Use of essential oils from Eucalyptus globulus and Pistacia lentiscus as an additive to the holding solution of Chrysanthemum indicum cut flowersToumazou, G. ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Chrysargyris, Antonios 
51-Mar-2023Preservation of fresh strawberries in an ozone-enriched atmosphereTzortzakis, Nikos G. 
61-Sep-2022The effect of preharvest applications with biostimulants on qualitative properties and postharvest performance of loquat fruitPavlou, Andrea ; Efstathiou, E. ; Christodoulou, S. E. ; Stylianou, S. ; Manganaris, George A. 
7Dec-2021The physiological disorder of purple spot in loquat fruit: Etiology, possible causes and mitigation measuresHadjipieri, Margarita ; Georgiadou, Egli C. ; Drogoudi, Pavlina D. ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Badenes, Marisa Luisa ; Manganaris, George A. 
81-Oct-2021Assessment of mint and pomegranate extracts/oils as antimicrobial agents to inhibit growth of escherichia coli O157:H7 and listeria monocytogenes on shredded carrotsXylia, Panayiota ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Botsaris, George ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
91-Oct-2021Postharvest grey mould development was suppressed by Origanum dictamnus oil vapours in tomato, pepper and eggplant fruitStavropoulou, Andriana ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Goumas, Dimitrios E. ; Magan, Naresh ; Loulakakis, Konstantinos A. ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
101-Sep-2021Tailor-made hydroponic recipes for the production of high quality medicinal and aromatic plantsChrysargyris, Antonios ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
111-Sep-2021Effect of the nutrient solution electrical conductivity (EC) on the growth, development and nutrient content of Viola tricolor var. Hortensis grown in perliteChrysargyris, Antonios ; Xylia, Panayiota 
121-Sep-2021Survival and transfer of salmonella enteritidis in lettuce cultivated in hydroponics as affected by different ph of nutrient solutionXylia, Panayiota ; Botsaris, George ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Skandamis, Panagiotis ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
131-Sep-2021Life cycle assessment for the determination of key environmental impact indicators in soilless tomato culture and mitigation potentialLitskas, Vassilis D. ; Stavrinides, Menelaos ; Economakis, Costas D. ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
14Aug-2021Critical review of chemical properties of biochar as a component of growing mediaPrasad, Munoo ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
15Jul-2017Regulated transparent insulation for greenhouse covers through the use of tailor-made bimodal nanoparticle formationsKavga, Angeliki ; Angastiniotis, Nicos ; Trypanagnostopoulos, Georgios ; Pantelakis, S. 
1625-Mar-2015Gaseous ozone-enrichment for the preservation of fresh produceTzortzakis, Nikos G.