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Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution
High population density
Water pollution
Asia, as a whole region, faces severe stress on water availability, primarily due to high population density. Many regions of the continent face severe problems of water pollution on local as well as regional scale and these have to be tackled with a pan-Asian approach. However, the available literature on the subject is generally based on research done in Europe and North America. Therefore, there is an urgent and strong need for an Asian journal with its focus on the region and wherein the region specific problems are addressed in an intelligent manner.
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12015Assessment of environmental and human health risk for contamination of heavy metal in Tilapia fish collected from Langat Basin, MalaysiaAlam, Lubna ; Mokhtar, Mazlin Bin ; Alam, Md. Mahmudul ; Bari, Md. Azizul ; Ta, Goh Choo ; Kathijotes, Nicholas