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International Journal of Molecular Sciences is an international peer-reviewed open access journal providing an advanced forum for biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, molecular biophysics, molecular medicine, and all aspects of molecular research in chemistry, and is published semi-monthly online by MDPI.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2022Preharvest Application of Commercial Products Based on Chitosan, Phosphoric Acid Plus Micronutrients, and Orange Essential Oil on Postharvest Quality and Gray Mold Infections of StrawberryRajestary, Razieh ; Xylia, Panayiota ; Chrysargyris, Antonios ; Romanazzi, Gianfranco ; Tzortzakis, Nikos G. 
21-Jul-2021Deciphering the Epigenetic Alphabet Involved in Transgenerational Stress Memory in CropsMladenov, Velimir ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Kaiserli, Eirini ; Karalija, Erna ; Maury, Stephane ; Baranek, Miroslav ; Segal, Naama ; Testillano, Pilar S ; Vassileva, Valya ; Pinto, Glória ; Nagel, Manuela ; Hoenicka, Hans ; Miladinović, Dragana ; Gallusci, Philippe ; Vergata, Chiara ; Kapazoglou, Aliki ; Abraham, Eleni ; Tani, Eleni ; Gerakari, Maria ; Sarri, Efi ; Avramidou, Evaggelia ; Gašparović, Mateo ; Martinelli, Federico 
32-Dec-2020Structural Diversity and Highly Specific Host-Pathogen Transcriptional Regulation of Defensin Genes Is Revealed in TomatoNikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Pappi, Polyxeni ; Markakis, Emmanouil A. ; Charova, Spyridoula N ; Fanourakis, Dimitrios ; Paschalidis, Konstantinos A. ; Delis, Costas ; Tzortzakakis, Emmanuel A. ; Tsaniklidis, Georgios 
41-Nov-2016Functional components of carob fruit: linking the chemical and biological spaceGoulas, Vlasios ; Stylos, Evgenios ; Chatziathanasiadou, Maria V. ; Mavromoustakos, Thomas ; Tzakos, Andreas G. 
51-Oct-2016ns-µs time-resolved step-scan FTIR of ba3 oxidoreductase from Thermus thermophilus: Protonic connectivity of w941-w946-w927Nicolaides, Antonis ; Soulimane, Tewfik ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
6Sep-2009Binding and docking interactions of NO, CO and O 2 in heme proteins as probed by density functional theoryVarotsis, Constantinos ; Daskalakis, Vangelis