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Blood, the official journal of the American Society of Hematology, published online and in print, provides an international forum for the publication of original articles describing basic laboratory, translational, and clinical investigations in hematology. Acceptance of manuscripts is based on the originality and importance of the observations or investigations, the quality of the work and validity of the evidence, the clarity of presentation, and the relevance to our readership and field. All articles are expected to be concise, well organized and clearly written. Authors submit a manuscript with the understanding that the manuscript (or its essential substance) has not been published other than as an abstract in any language or format and is not currently submitted elsewhere for print or electronic publication.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2012P-selectin Glycoprotein Ligand Regulates the Interaction of Multiple Myeloma Cells with the Bone Marrow MicroenvironmentAzab, Abdel Kareem ; Quang, Phong ; Pitsillides, Costas ; Azab, Feda ; Thompson, Brian ; Chonghaile, Triona ; Patton, John T. ; Maiso, Patricia ; Monrose, Val ; Sacco, Antonio ; Ngo, Hai T. ; Flores, Ludmila M. ; Lin, Charles P. ; Magnani, John L. ; Kung, Andrew L. ; Letai, Anthony ; Carrasco, Ruben ; Roccaro, Aldo M. ; Ghobrial, Irene M. 
22012Hypoxia Promotes Dissemination of Multiple Myeloma Through Acquisition of Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition-like FeaturesAzab, Abdel Kareem ; Hu, Jinsong ; Pitsillides, Costas ; Quang, Phong ; Azab, Feda ; Awwad, Rana ; Thompson, Brian ; Maiso, Patricia ; Sun, Jessica D. ; Roccaro, Aldo M. 
321-Jan-2010Dual targeting of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway as an antitumor strategy in Waldenstrom macroglobulinemiaRoccaro, Aldo Maria ; Sacco, Antonio ; Pitsillides, Costas ; Husu, Emanuel ; Vesole, Steven ; Azab, Abdel Kareem ; Azab, Feda ; Melhem, Molly R. ; Ngo, Hai T. ; Quang, Phong ; Maiso, Patricia ; Runnels, Judith M. ; Liang, Meichih ; Wong, Kwok Kin ; Lin, Charles P. ; Ghobrial, Irène M. 
416-Jul-2009RhoA and Rac1 GTPases play major and differential roles in stromal cell-derived factor-1-induced cell adhesion and chemotaxis in multiple myelomaAzab, Abdel Kareem ; Azab, Feda ; Blotta, Simona ; Pitsillides, Costas ; Thompson, Brian D. ; Runnels, Judith M. ; Roccaro, Aldo Maria ; Ngo, Hai T. ; Melhem, Molly R. ; Sacco, Antonio ; Jia, Xiaoying ; Anderson, Kenneth Carl ; Lin, Charles P. ; Rollins, Barrett J. ; Ghobrial, Irène M. 
516-Jul-2009Proteomic analysis reveals presence of platelet microparticles in endothelial progenitor cell culturesProkopi, Marianna ; Pula, Giordano ; Mayr, Ursula ; Devue, Cécile ; Gallagher, Joy ; Xiao, Qingzhong ; Boulanger, Chantal M ; Westwood, Nigel ; Urbich, Carmen ; Willeit, Johann ; Steiner, Marianne ; Breuss, Johannes ; Xu, Qingbo ; Kiechl, Stefan ; Mayr, Manuel 
630-Apr-2009CXCR4 inhibitor AMD3100 disrupts the interaction of multiple myeloma cells with the bone marrow microenvironment and enhances their sensitivity to therapyAzab, Abdel Kareem ; Runnels, Judith M. ; Pitsillides, Costas ; Moreau, Anne Sophie ; Azab, Feda ; Leleu, Xavier ; Jia, Xiaoying ; Wright, Renee D. ; Ospina, Beatriz ; Carlson, Alicia L. ; Alt, Clemens ; Burwick, Nicholas R. ; Roccaro, Aldo Maria ; Ngo, Hai T. ; Farag, Mena ; Melhem, Molly R. ; Sacco, Antonio ; Munshi, Nikhil C. ; Hideshima, Teru ; Rollins, Barrett J. ; Anderson, Kenneth Carl ; Kung, Andrew L. ; Lin, Charles P. ; Ghobrial, Irène M. 
71-Apr-2007Mechanisms of regulation of CXCR4/SDF-1 (CXCL12)–dependent migration and homing in multiple myelomaAlsayed, Yazan M. ; Ngo, Hai ; Pitsillides, Costas