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Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management
Environmental chemistry
Environmental biology
Ecology geoscience
Environmental physics
Treatment processes of drinking water and wastewater
Contaminant transport and environmental modeling
Remediation technologies and biotechnologies
Environmental evaluations, law and management
Human health and ecological risk assessment
Environmental sampling
Pollution prevention
Pollution control and monitoring
2392 - 9545
Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management (P - ESEM) is a journal focusing on publishing papers selected from high quality conference proceedings, with emphasis on relevant topics associated to environmental science and engineering, as well as to specific management issues in the area of environmental protection and monitoring.
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12018Compost stream as a potential biomass for humic acid production: Focus on compost seasonal and geographical variabilityNegro, Viviana ; Montoneri, Enzo ; Negre, Michéle ; Fabbri, Gloria ; Boero, Valter ; Solaro, Simone ; Antonini, Massimiliano ; Koutinas, Apostolis A. ; Koutinas, Michalis ; Vlysidis, Anestis ; Konstantinidis, Viktoras ; Mainero, Davide