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Measurement Science and Technology publishes articles on new measurement techniques and associated instrumentation. Papers that describe experiments must represent an advance in measurement science or measurement technique rather than the application of established experimental technique. Bearing in mind the multidisciplinary nature of the journal, authors must provide an introduction to their work that makes clear the novelty, significance, broader relevance of their work in a measurement context and relevance to the readership of Measurement Science and Technology. All submitted articles should contain consideration of the uncertainty, precision and/or accuracy of the measurements presented.
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1Sep-2010Bragg grating in a polymer optical fibre for strain, bend and temperature sensingKalli, Kyriacos ; Zhang, Chi ; Webb, David J. ; Peng, Gangding ; Chen, Xianfeng 
2Sep-2010Low refractive index gas sensing using a surface plasmon resonance fibre deviceKalli, Kyriacos ; Allsop, Thomas D P ; Neal, Ron M. ; Davies, Edward M. ; Mou, Chengbo ; Bond, Peter R. ; Rehman, Saeed Ur ; Webb, David ; Calverhouse, P. ; Bennion, Ian 
31-Oct-2007Development of an electrically tuneable Bragg grating filter in polymer optical fibre operating at 1.55 VmKalli, Kyriacos ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Webb, David J. ; Carroll, Karen E. ; Themistos, Christos ; Komodromos, Michael ; Peng, Gangding ; Fang, Qi ; Boyd, Ian W. 
41-May-2006Tailoring the temperature and strain coefficients of type I and type ia dual grating sensors - the impact of hydrogenation conditionsKalli, Kyriacos ; Simpson, Alexander George ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Zhang, Lin ; Bennion, Ian 
51-May-2006Spectral modification of type ia fibre bragg gratings by high-power near-infrared lasersKalli, Kyriacos ; Simpson, Alexander George ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Zhang, Lin ; Birkin, David J L ; Ellingham, Tim J. ; Bennion, Ian 
6Aug-2004Blank beam fabrication of regenerated type ia gratingsKalli, Kyriacos ; Simpson, George D. ; Zhou, Kaiming ; Zhang, Lin ; Bennion, Ian