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Food Reviews International presents state-of-the-art technical reviews concerned with food safety, production, processing, acceptability, and nutritional values. Articles, written primarily by researchers and practitioners, examine the relationship of food and nutrition to health, as well as the differing problems affecting both affluent and developing nations.
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11-Jan-2015Alicyclobacillus in the Fruit Juice Industry: Spoilage, Detection, and Prevention/ControlHuang, Xiaochen ; Yuan, Yahong ; Guo, Chunfeng ; Gekas, Vassilis ; Yue, Tianli 
24-May-2017Donkey milk: An overview on functionality, technology, and future prospectsAspri, Maria ; Economou, Nicole ; Papademas, Photis 
34-May-2017Postharvest ozone application for the preservation of fruits and vegetablesTzortzakis, Nikos G. ; Chrysargyris, Antonios