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Environmental Research is a multi-disciplinary journal publishing high quality and novel information about anthropogenic issues of global relevance and applicability in a wide range of environmental disciplines, and demonstrating environmental application in the real-world context.
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11-Dec-2023Characterization of the internal working-life exposome using minimally and non-invasive sampling methods - a narrative reviewVerscheure, Eline ; Stierum, Rob ; Schlünssen, Vivi ; Lund Würtz, Anne Mette ; Vanneste, Dorian ; Kogevinas, Manolis ; Harding, Barbara N ; Broberg, Karin ; Narui, Shan Zienolddiny ; Erdem, Johanna Samulin ; Das, Mrinal K ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Konstantinou, Corina ; Andrianou, Xanthi ; Dekkers, Susan ; Morris, Lorna ; Pronk, Anjoeka ; Godderis, Lode ; Ghosh, Manosij 
21-Nov-2023Different reactor configurations for enhancement of CO2 methanationHarkou, Eleana ; Hafeez, Sanaa ; Adamou, Panayiota ; Zhang, Zhien ; Tsiotsias, Anastasios I. ; Charisiou, Nikolaos D. ; Goula, Maria A. ; Al-Salem, Sultan Majed ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
3Sep-2021Exogenous application of melatonin to plants, algae, and harvested products to sustain agricultural productivity and enhance nutritional and nutraceutical value: A meta-analysisAgathokleous, Evgenios ; Zhou, Boya ; Xu, Jianing ; Ioannou, Andreas ; Feng, Zhaozhong ; Saitanis, Costas J. ; Frei, Michael ; Calabrese, Edward J. ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios 
4Jun-2021Temporal exposure and consistency of endocrine disrupting chemicals in a longitudinal study of individuals with impaired fasting glucoseVan Der Meer, Thomas P. ; Chung, Ming K. ; Van Faassen, Martijn ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Van Beek, André P. ; Kema, Ido P. ; Wolffenbuttel, Bruce H. R. ; Van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V. ; Patel, Chirag J. 
5Jan-2021Endocrine disrupting chemicals during diet-induced weight loss - A post-hoc analysis of the LOWER studyVan Der Meer, Thomas P. ; Thio, Chris H. L. ; Van Faassen, Martijn ; Van Beek, André P. ; Snieder, Harold ; Van Berkum, Frank N. R. ; Kema, Ido P. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Wolffenbuttel, Bruce H. R. ; Van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V. 
6Mar-2020Contrasting short-term temperature effects on the profiling of metabolic and stress hormones in non-obese healthy adults: A randomized cross-over trialMakris, Konstantinos C. ; Konstantinou, Corina ; Perikkou, Anastasia ; Zdravic, Ana B. ; Christophi, Costas A. 
7Mar-2019Ranking of crop plants according to their potential to uptake and accumulate contaminants of emerging concernChristou, Anastasis ; Papadavid, George ; Dalias, Panagiotis ; Fotopoulos, Vasileios ; Michael, Costas ; Maria Bayona, Josep ; Piña, Benjamin ; Fatta-Kassinos, Despo 
81-Nov-2014Spatial and seasonal variability of urinary trihalomethanes concentrations in urban settingsAndrianou, Xanthi ; Andra, Syam S. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Charisiadis, Pantelis