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The Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (JMSE) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to marine science and engineering. The journal aims to provide scholarly research on a range of topics, including ocean engineering, chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, marine biology, marine geosciences and coastal engineering. We invite you to publish in our journal sharing your important research findings with the global ocean community.
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11-Jul-2023Berth Allocation Considering Multiple Quays: A Practical Approach Using Cuckoo Search OptimizationAslam, Sheraz ; Michaelides, Michalis P. ; Herodotou, Herodotos 
21-Oct-2021Wind–wave coupling effect on the dynamic response of a combined wind–wave energy converterLi, Jinghui ; Shi, Wei ; Zhang, Lixian ; Michailides, Constantine ; Li, Xin 
3Feb-2021Vd-pq; a velocity-dependent viscous damping model for wave-structure interaction analysisMichailides, Constantine 
4Nov-2020An explicit algebraic closure for passive scalar-flux: Applications in channel flows at a wide range of reynolds numbersPanagiotou, Constantinos F. ; Stylianou, Fotos S. ; Gravanis, Elias ; Akylas, Evangelos ; Michailides, Constantine 
530-Oct-2020Establishing an Integrated Permanent Sea-Level Monitoring Infrastructure towards the Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in CyprusDanezis, Chris ; Nikolaidis, Marios ; Mettas, Christodoulos ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Kokosis, Georgios ; Kleanthous, Chrysanthi 
624-Oct-2020Critical Water Depth and Installation Curves for Submarine Cable Deployment ProcessMamatsopoulos, Vasileios A. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Theotokoglou, Efstathios E. ; Onoufriou, Toula 
71-Apr-2020Hydrodynamic response of a combined wind-wave marine energy structureWang, Yapo ; Zhang, Lixian ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wan, Ling ; Shi, Wei 
8Jan-2020An analysis tool for the installation of submarine cables in an s-lay configuration including "in and out of water" cable segmentsMamatsopoulos, Vasileios A. ; Michailides, Constantine ; Theotokoglou, Efstathios E. 
92-Jul-2018A Novel Iterative Water Refraction Correction Algorithm for Use in Structure from Motion Photogrammetric PipelineSkarlatos, Dimitrios ; Agrafiotis, Panagiotis 
1016-Jan-2018Evaluation of Underwater Image Enhancement Algorithms under Different Environmental ConditionsMangeruga, Marino ; Cozza, Marco ; Bruno, Fabio