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Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics is concerned with the interaction between the study of speech and language on the one hand, and disorders of speech and language on the other. We welcome submissions from a variety of methodological traditions, from experimental to qualitative, either applying linguistic / phonetic analyses to clinical problems, or investigating how clinical data can contribute to the development of theory or analytic techniques in linguistics and phonetics. We particularly encourage work that addresses clinical issues in lesser researched languages, and multilingual and multicultural contexts. Papers on typical language development, and other psycho- or neurolinguistic areas will only be considered if there is a substantial section devoted to the clinical relevance of the study. Full-length articles centred around clinical data, review articles, or short research notes will also be considered for publication Papers are published in English but submissions are welcomed from any country. All contributions should be of a high standard that merits presentation before an international academic readership. It is the responsibility of the authors for whom English is not a first language to ensure that their papers were written in appropriate academic English.
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1Jul-2010Development of voice onset time in standard-Greek and Cypriot-Greek-speaking preschoolersPetinou, Kakia ; Okalidou, Areti ; Theodorou, Eleni ; Karasimou, Eleni 
22019Interpretation of compound words by Greek-speaking children with autism spectrum disorder plus language impairment (ASD-LI)Kambanaros, Maria ; Christou, Nikoletta ; Grohmann, Kleanthes K. 
32019Morphophonology and compensation in Specific Language Impairment: Evidence from Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot GreekMastropavlou, Maria ; Petinou, Kakia ; Tsimpli, Ianthi Maria ; Georgiou, Anastasios M. 
43-Jun-2019Neuronavigated theta burst stimulation for chronic aphasia: two exploratory case studiesGeorgiou, Anastasios M. ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Phinikettos, Ioannis ; Kambanaros, Maria 
54-Apr-2019Promoting speech intelligibility through phonologically dense targetsPetinou, Kakia ; Theodorou, Eleni