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Optics Letters offers rapid dissemination of new results in all areas of optics with short, original, peer-reviewed communications. Optics Letters covers the latest research in optical science, including optical measurements, optical components and devices, atmospheric optics, biomedical optics, Fourier optics, integrated optics, optical processing, optoelectronics, lasers, nonlinear optics, optical storage and holography, optical coherence, polarization, quantum electronics, ultrafast optical phenomena, photonic crystals, and fiber optics. Criteria used in determining acceptability of contributions include newsworthiness to a substantial part of the optics community and the effect of rapid publication on the research of others. This journal, published twice each month, is where readers look for the latest discoveries in optics.
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11-Nov-2019All-fiber passively mode-locked ultrafast laser based on a femtosecond-laser-inscribed in-fiber Brewster deviceHuang, Zinan ; Huang, Qianqian ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Cheng, Xi ; Zou, Chuanhang ; Dai, Lilong ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Mou, Chengbo 
215-Jan-2019Low-dimensional nano-patterned surface fabricated by direct-write UV-chemically induced geometric inscription techniqueAllsop, Thomas P. ; Neal, Ronald ; Kundrát, Vojtěch ; Wang, C. ; Mou, Chengbo ; Culverhouse, Phil ; Ania-Castanon, J. D. ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Webb, David J. 
32019Long period grating in a multimode cyclic transparent optical polymer fiber inscribed using a femtosecond laserTheodosiou, Antreas ; Min, Rui ; Leal-Junior, Arnaldo ; Ioannou, Andreas ; Frizera, Anselmo ; Pontes, Maria José ; Marques, Carlos Alberto F. ; Kalli, Kyriacos 
41-Oct-2018Characterization of a new polymer optical fiber with enhanced sensing capabilities using a Bragg gratingLeal-Junior, Arnaldo ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Frizera-Neto, Anselmo ; José Pontes, Maria ; Shafir, Ehud ; Palchik, Oleg ; Tal, Nadav ; Zilberman, Shlomi ; Berkovic, Garry E. ; Antunes, Paulo ; André, Paulo ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Marques, Carlos 
515-May-2018Surface plasmon resonance sensing in gaseous media with optical fiber gratingsÁlvaro, GonzÁlez Vila ; Ioannou, Andreas ; Loyez, Médéric ; Debliquy, Marc ; Lahem, Driss ; Caucheteur, Christophe 
61-May-2018Higher-order cladding mode excitation of femtosecond-laser-inscribed tilted FBGsIoannou, Andreas ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Caucheteur, Christophe 
715-Dec-2017Direct writing of plane-by-plane tilted fiber Bragg gratings using a femtosecond laserIoannou, Andreas ; Theodosiou, Antreas ; Caucheteur, Christophe ; Kalli, Kyriacos 
815-Oct-2014Highly sensitive, localized surface plasmon resonance fiber device for environmental sensing, based upon a structured bi-metal array of nano-wiresAllsop, Thomas P. ; Neal, Ron M. ; Chengbo, Mou ; Kalli, Kyriacos ; Webb, David J. 
915-May-2010Point-by-point fiber bragg grating inscription in free-standing step-index and photonic crystal fibers using near-ir femtosecond laserKalli, Kyriacos ; Komodromos, Michael ; Geernaert, Thomas ; Nasiłowski, Tomasz ; Urbańczyk, Wacław ; Wójcik, Jan ; Berghmans, Francis ; Thienpont, Hugo ; Koutsides, Charalambos 
101-Dec-2007Retinal flow cytometerAlt, Clemens ; Veilleux, Israel ; Pitsillides, Costas 
111-Feb-2007Electrically tunable Bragg gratings in single-mode polymer optical fiberKalli, Kyriacos ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Webb, David J. ; Carroll, Karen E. ; Komodromos, Michael ; Themistos, Christos ; Peng, Gangding ; Fang, Qi ; Boyd, Ian W. 
1215-Dec-2005Continuous wave ultraviolet light-induced fiber bragg gratings in few- and single-mode microstructured polymer optical fibersKalli, Kyriacos ; Dobb, Helen L. ; Webb, David J. ; Argyros, Alexander ; Large, Maryanne C J ; Van Eijkelenborg, Martijn A. 
1315-Dec-1995Wavelength-division and spatial multiplexing using tandem interferometers for bragg grating sensor networksKalli, Kyriacos ; Webb, David J. ; Jackson, David A. ; Brady, Garret P. ; Jackson, David A. ; Bennion, Ian 
14Mar-1993Analysis of the dynamic response of a ring resonator to a time-varying input signalKalli, Kyriacos ; Jackson, David A.