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International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment
The International Research Conference Aims and Objectives The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

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126-Aug-2020Preliminary assessment of offshore wind speed around Cyprus based on Sentinel-1 Level 2 OCN dataHadjipetrou, Stylianos ; Liodakis, Stelios ; Sykioti, Anastasia ; Fayad, Philip ; Akylas, Evangelos ; Park, No-Wook ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon 
226-Aug-2020An initial overview of tidal and sea level variability in CyprusNikolaidis, Marios ; Danezis, Chris 
326-Aug-2020Detecting underground structures in vegetation indices: MSR, RDVI, OSAVI, IRG, time series using histogramsMelillos, George ; Themistocleous, Kyriacos ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
426-Aug-2020Permanent infrastructures for continuous space-based monitoring of natural hazardsKakoullis, Dimitris ; Danezis, Chris 
526-Aug-2020An overview of electronic corner reflectors and their use in ground deformation monitoring applicationsFotiou, Kyriaki ; Danezis, Chris 
626-Aug-2020Estimation of sea level height variability in Cyprus using Sentinel-3 satellite altimetry dataPekri, Marina ; Danezis, Chris 
726-Aug-2020Ship detection in Cyprus EEZ using Sentinel 1 dataThemistocleous, Kyriacos ; Prodomou, Maria ; Mettas, Christodoulos ; Evagorou, Evagoras S. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
826-Aug-2020The documentation of cultural heritage sites in Cyprus using integrated techniques: the case study of the Church of Agios Athanasios and KyrillosThemistocleous, Kyriacos ; Evagorou, Evagoras S. ; Mettas, Christodoulos ; Prodromou, Maria ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
926-Aug-2020Remote sensing techniques for archaeology: A state of art analysis of SAR methods for land movementKosta, Alexandra ; Paraskevopoulos, Ioannis ; Agapiou, Athos ; Battistin, Fabiana ; Serpetti, Matteo ; Waldoch, Filip ; Rączkowski, Włodzimierz ; Di Iorio, Alessio ; De Angeli, Stefano ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
1027-Jun-2019DEM modeling using RGB-based vegetation indices from UAV imagesThemistocleous, Kyriacos 
1127-Jun-2019Artificial intelligence for mass appraisals of residential properties in Nicosia: Mathematical modelling and algorithmic implementationDimopoulos, Thomas ; Bakas, Nikolaos P. 
1227-Jun-2019Dynamic geovisualization of population expected at points of interest over daily timescales: an application at Latsia, Nicosia, CyprusChrysoulidis, Savvas ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon 
1327-Jun-2019Evaluating ten spectral vegetation indices for the identification of military underground structuresMelillos, George ; Themistocleous, Kyriacos ; Agapiou, Athos ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
1427-Jun-2019Comparison of classification algorithms on optical satellite imagery for mapping Posidonia Oceanica meadows: The case study of Limassol, CyprusYfantidou, Anastasia ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
1526-Mar-2018IntroductionThemistocleous, Kyriacos ; Papadavid, Giorgos ; Michaelides, Silas ; Ambrosia, Vincent ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
161-Jan-2018Applications of thermal imaging camera for assessing structural integrityTantele, Elia ; Votsis, Renos ; Kyriakides, Christopher 
17Aug-2017Orthogonal equations for the detection of hidden archaeological remains de-mystifiedAgapiou, Athos 
1820-Mar-2017IntroductionThemistocleous, Kyriacos ; Michaelides, Silas ; Papadavid, Giorgos ; Ambrosia, Vincent ; Schreier, Gunter ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
1920-Mar-2017The use of UAVs to monitor archeological sites: The case study of Choirokoitia within the PROTHEGO projectThemistocleous, Kyriacos 
201-Jan-2017Investigation on the thermographic detection of corrosion in RC structuresTantele, Elia ; Votsis, Renos ; Kyriakides, Christopher ; Georgiou, Panagiota G. ; Ioannou, Fotia G.