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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of aluminium extrusion dies and recommendations for prolonging their lifespan.Μεταξάς, Μάριος 
2014Application and coordination of quality of performance measurement indicators in a manufacturing industryΣάββα, Μαριάννα ; Στέλιου, Ερασμία 
Dec-2019Automated Planning, Sensing and Control for Autonomous Underwater Robotic SystemsConstantinou, Christos C. 
2014Building integration of solar thermal systemsΚυριάκου, Κωνσταντίνος Αβραάμ 
2014Case-hardening of metals by shot-peeningΑυξεντίου, Μόνικα 
Jun-2019Computational Modeling of Nanoindentation on Emerging Materials: Auxetics, Hard Thin Films and Cohesive-Frictional SolidsPhotiou, Demetris 
2014Construction nanocomposite optical filter through the use of suitably modified nanoparticlesΧατζηβασίλης, Γιώργος 
2014Control system development for quad-rotor vehicle based on the android platformΒοσκαρής, Μάριος 
2015Coronary Stents Crack and Corrode in vivo: A Structural Integrity and Tissue Inflammation AnalysisKapnisis, Konstantinos 
2013Effects of Posture Change on the Geometry and Hemodynamics of the Human Carotid BifurcationΑριστοκλέους, Νικόλας 
2014End effector design of a robot arm for harvesting greenhouse tomatoesΠαπαχρυσοστόμου, Χρύσω 
2014General methodology for the solution of differential equations: application to the transverse deflection of an Euler beamΑποστόλη, Παναγιώτης ; Χριστοφή, Ειρήνη 
2014Impact metal forming using a spherically expanding shock – wave in waterΝικολάου, Έλενα 
2016IN VIVO απεικόνιση καρκινικών όγκων και αξιολόγηση της ανταπόκρισης τους σε στοχευμένη θεραπεία με τη συνθετική πρωτεϊνη TR4Κουλέντη, Μαρία 
2014Integrated design of a tourist submarineΠόζοβ, Σέργιος 
2012Investigation of the processing parameters for efficient organic solar cellsNeophytou, Marios 
2014Mathematical modeling and optimization of the operation of the stirling pistonless engineΨαρά, Πέτρος 
2014Methods for the isolation of monocytes population for In VIVO studies of inflammatory response in stents.Κοκκινίδου, Δέσποινα 
Apr-2018Nanostructured amorphous carbon-metal films for protective and solid lubricant applicationsConstantinou, Marios 
2014Parameters affecting degradation performance of organic photovoltaicsΜουστάκα, Σεργία