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11-Nov-2019A comparative study on the dynamic response of three semisubmersible floating offshore wind turbinesShi, Wei ; Zhang, Lixian ; Ning, Dezhi ; Jiang, Zhiyu ; Michailides, Constantine ; Karimirad, Madjid  
24-Oct-2019Hydrodynamic characteristics of the modified V-shaped Semi-floating offshore wind turbine with heave platesShi, Wei ; Zhang, Lixian ; You, Jikun ; Karimirad, Madjid  ; Michailides, Constantine 
1-Apr-2020Hydrodynamic response of a combined wind-wave marine energy structureWang, Yapo ; Zhang, Lixian ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wan, Ling ; Shi, Wei 
2020Model test of monopile-type offshore wind turbine under breaking wavesZhang, Songhao ; Shi, Wei ; Zhou, Lin ; Zhang, Lixian ; Michailides, Constantine 
2020Moderate water depth effects on the response of a floating wind turbineZhang, Lixian ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wang, Yapo ; Shi, Wei 
1-Jul-2020Second-order hydrodynamic effects on the response of three semisubmersible floating offshore wind turbinesZhang, Lixian ; Shi, Wei ; Karimirad, Madjid  ; Michailides, Constantine ; Jiang, Zhiyu 
1-Oct-2021Wind–wave coupling effect on the dynamic response of a combined wind–wave energy converterLi, Jinghui ; Shi, Wei ; Zhang, Lixian ; Michailides, Constantine ; Li, Xin