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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Parsimonious Analogical Reasoning for Smart Decision Support in Network-enabled Environments: Managing Situational AwarenessLouvieris, Panos ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Mashanovich, Natasha ; White, Gareth 
2011Project risk management using Event CalculusGregoriades, Andreas ; Lesta, Vicky Papadopoulou ; Petrides, Petros 
2010Quality indicators in requirements elicitationKrishna, Aneesh ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Sombattheera, Chattrakul 
20-Jan-2019Reflecting on the Design Process for Virtual Reality ApplicationsSutcliffe, Alistair G. ; Poullis, Charalambos ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Katsouri, Irene ; Tzanavari, Aimilia ; Herakleous, Kyriakos 
2014Requirements discovery for smart driver assistive technology through simulationGregoriades, Andreas ; Florides, Christos ; Christodoulou, S ; Pampaka, Maria ; Michail, Harris 
2007Road safety assessment using Bayesian belief networks and agent-based simulationGregoriades, Andreas 
Jun-2010A robotic system for home security enhancementMichail, Harris ; Obadan, Samuel ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
16-Aug-2010A robotic system for home security enhancementMichael-Grigoriou, Despina ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Michail, Harris ; Lesta, Vicky Papadopoulou ; Obadan, Samuel 
10-Feb-2005Scenario advisor tool for requirements engineeringShin, Jae Eun ; Sutcliffe, Alistair G. ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
May-2005Scenario-based assessment of nonfunctional requirementsGregoriades, Andreas ; Sutcliffe, Alistair G. 
3-Jul-2018Simulation-based evaluation of an in-vehicle smart situation awareness enhancement systemGregoriades, Andreas ; Sutcliffe, Alistair G. 
1-Jan-2014Simulation-based requirements discovery for smart driver assistive technologiesGregoriades, Andreas ; Pampaka, Maria ; Sutcliffe, Alistair G. 
2008A socio-technical approach to business process simulationGregoriades, Andreas ; Sutcliffe, Alistair G. 
2005The system reliability analyser toolGregoriades, Andreas ; Sutcliffe, Alistair G. 
16-Nov-2016Teacher-led design of an adaptive learning environmentMavroudi, Anna ; Hadzilacos, Thanasis ; Kalles, Dimitris ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
2002Tool Support for Scenario-based Functional AllocationSutcliffe, Alistair G. ; Shin, Jae Eun ; Gregoriades, Andreas 
2007Towards a user-centred road safety management method based on road traffic simulationGregoriades, Andreas 
Apr-2017Traffic accidents analysis using self-organizing maps and association rules for improved tourist safetyGregoriades, Andreas ; Chrystodoulides, Andreas 
1-Dec-2010Ultra high speed SHA-256 hashing cryptographic module for IPSEC hardware/software codesignMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Kritikakou, Angeliki S. ; Goutis, Costas E. ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Papadopoulou, Vicky 
2-May-2004Unifying business objects and system dynamics as a paradigm for developing decision support systemsGregoriades, Andreas ; Karakostas, Bill