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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Salinisation risk assessment resulting from treated-sewage irrigation in CyprusKathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Software development for applicability of irrigation water in conformity with its qualityZhivko, Zhivkov ; Torma, Stanislav ; Vilcek, Josef ; Dimitrov, Peter ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2008Testing of Sewage Sludge Produced in a Model Installation for Water Purification for Antibiotics-Fertilization ProductsZlatareva, E. ; Kathijotes, Nicholas ; Marinova, Svetla ; Zlatareva, E. ; Zlatareva, E. 
2012Wastewater management in developing counties: nutrient input control in coastal citiesKathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Wastewater reuse as related to coastal protectionKathijotes, Nicholas 
2011Wastewater reuse for irrigation and sea water intrusion: evaluation of salinity effects on soilsPanayiotou, Charalambos ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
17-Mar-2014Wastewater reuse for irrigation and seawater intrusion: Evaluation of salinity effects on soils in CyprusKathijotes, Nicholas ; Panayiotou, Charalambos 
2006Wastewater reuse for irrigation- practices and potentials in Cyprus and BulgariaKoleva, Milena ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2010Wastewater reuse for irrigation- salinity issues on coastal citiesKathijotes, Nicholas 
2006Wastewater reuse for irrigation: a preview of the Cyprus experienceKathijotes, Nicholas 
2006Wastewater reuse for irrigation: an acceptable soil conditioner?Kathijotes, Nicholas 
1999Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation: an Acceptable Soil Conditioner?Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2002Wastewater reuse for irrigation: an alternative water resource in the mediterranean regionKathijotes, Nicholas 
2006Wastewater reuse for irrigation: ecological concerns and constraintsKathijotes, Nicholas 
2003Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation: Evaluation of Salinisation RiskMarinova, Svetla ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2007Wastewater reuse for irrigation: salinity risk evaluation – predictionKathijotes, Nicholas 
2011Wastewater reuse in coastal areas – Nutrient flow evaluationKathijotes, Nicholas 
1996Wastewater treatment and reuse for irrigationPetrov, K. ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Wastewater Treatment Sludge: Demand and Application Possibilities in Agricultural PracticeMarinova, Svetla ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2012Water resources management-nutrient flow evaluationKathijotes, Nicholas