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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Navigation functions in topologically complex 3-D workspacesLoizou, Savvas 
2005Navigation of multiple input constraint micro-robotic agentsKyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2008Navigation of multiple kinematically constrained robotsKyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
Dec-2017The navigation transformationLoizou, Savvas 
2011The Navigation transformation: point worlds, time abstractions and towards tuning-free navigationLoizou, Savvas 
2003Nonholonomic navigation and control of cooperating mobile manipulatorsTanner, Herbert G.; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2001Nonholonomic stabilization with collision avoidance for mobile robotsTanner, Herbert G.; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2010On-line state and parameter estimation of an under-actuated underwater vehicle using a modified dual unscented kalman filterKarras, George C.; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
1-Jul-2014Online adaptive geometry predictor of aquaculture fish-netsPotyagaylo, Svetlana ; Loizou, Savvas 
2008R-cell: a module for a self-reconfigurable robotic systemChatzigeorgiou, Dimitris M.; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2007Stabilization of multiple robots on stable orbits via local sensingHsieh, Mong Ying A; Loizou, Savvas 
2011Switching manipulator control for motion on constrained surfacesPapageorgiou, Xanthi; Tanner, Herbert G.; Loizou, Savvas 
2011Towards semi-autonomous operation of under-actuated underwater vehicles: sensor fusion, on-line identification and visual servo controlKarras, George C.; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2006Translating temporal logic to controller specificationsFainekos, Georgios E.; Pappas, George J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2010A visual-servoing scheme for semi-autonomous operation of an underwater robotic vehicle using an IMU and a laser vision systemKarras, George C.; Kyriakopoulos, Kostas J.; Loizou, Savvas 
2006Weak input-to-state stability properties for navigation function based controllersKumar, Vijay R.; Loizou, Savvas