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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Seemingly unrelated regression model with unequal size observations: computational aspectsFoschi, Paolo ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
2012The sixth special issue on computational econometricsVan Dijk, Herman K. ; Chen, Cathy W. S. ; Belsley, David A. ; Gallo, Giampiero ; Khalaf, Lynda ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John ; Francq, Christian 
1996Solving the sequential accumulation least squares with linear equality constraints problem on a SIMD array processorKontoghiorghes, Erricos John ; Dinenis, Elias 
1993Solving the updated and downdated ordinary linear model on massively parallel simd systemsKontoghiorghes, Erricos John ; Clarke, M. R. 
2016Special issue on computational statisticsColubi, Ana ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John ; Gatu, Cristian 
1993Stable parallel algorithms for computing and updating the qr decompositionClarke, Michael R B ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John