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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2023Airborne Spectral Reflectance Dataset of Submerged Plastic Targets in a Coastal EnvironmentPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Moustakas, Argyrios ; Kolokoussis, Polychronis ; Papageorgiou, Dimitrios ; de Vries, Robin ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos 
20-Jul-2020Applications of Remote Sensing in Coastal AreasPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos ; Singha, Suman ; Li, Xiao-Ming ; Poursanidis, Dimitris 
14-Jan-2021A citizen science unmanned aerial system data acquisition protocol and deep learning techniques for the automatic detection and mapping of marine litter concentrations in the coastal zonePapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Batsaris, Marios ; Spondylidis, Spyros ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos 
Mar-2017Coastal habitat mapping in the Aegean Sea using high resolution orthophoto mapsTopouzelis, Konstantinos ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Doukari, Michaela ; Stamatis, Panagiotis ; Makri, Despina ; Katsanevakis, Stelios 
6-Mar-2020Coastal management using UAS and high-resolution satellite images for touristic areasPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Doukari, Michaela ; Stamatis, Panagiotis ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos 
1-Jan-2019Coastal management using UAS and high-resolution satellite images for touristic areasPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Doukari, Michaela ; Stamatis, Panagiotis ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos 
Jun-2016Coastline Zones Identification and 3D Coastal Mapping Using UAV Spatial DataPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos ; Pavlogeorgatos, Gerasimos 
13-Sep-2023Comparison of Machine Learning Pixel-Based Classifiers for Detecting Archaeological CeramicsArgyrou, Argyro ; Agapiou, Athos ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Alexakis, Dimitrios D. 
1-Feb-2020Comparison of true-color and multispectral unmanned aerial systems imagery for marine habitat mapping using object-based image analysisPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Stamati, Chrysa ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos 
2023Computational techniques for locating industrial products in warehousesTsakiridis, Sotirios ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Kapandelis, Alexandros ; Mastorocostas, Paris A. ; Tsimpiris, Alkiviadis ; Varsamis, Dimitrios 
Oct-2023Drones for litter monitoring on coasts and rivers: suitable flight altitude and image resolutionAndriolo, Umberto ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos ; van Emmerik, Tim H M ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Monteiro, João Gama ; Isobe, Atsuhiko ; Hidaka, Mitsuko ; Kako, Shin'ichiro ; Kataoka, Tomoya ; Gonçalves, Gil 
1-Mar-2020Editorial on special issue "applications of remote sensing in coastal areas"Topouzelis, Konstantinos ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Singha, Suman ; Li, Xiao-Ming ; Poursanidis, Dimitris 
6-Mar-2018The emergence of social media for natural disasters management: A big data perspectiveAthanasis, Nikos ; Themistocleous, Marinos ; Kalabokidis, Kostas ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Soulakellis, Nikos ; Palaiologou, Palaiologos 
1-Jun-2020Geovisualization of the excavation process in the Lesvos petrified forest, Greece using augmented realityPapadopoulou, Ermioni - Eirini ; Kasapakis, Vlasios ; Vasilakos, Christos ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Zouros, Nikolaos ; Chroni, Athanasia ; Soulakellis, Nikolaos 
14-Mar-2013Inset Mapper: A software tool in Island cartographyPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Varsamis, Dimitris ; Soulakellis, Nikolaos 
1-Jan-2021INTEGRATED MONITORING SYSTEM FOR BEACH LITTER PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSETopouzelis, Konstantinos ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Batsaris, Marios ; Spondylidis, Spyros 
1-Jun-2019Mapping cultural heritage in coastal areas with uas: The case study of lesvos islandPapakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Kavroudakis, Dimitris ; Kourtzellis, Yannis ; Chtenellis, Michail ; Kopsachilis, Vasilis ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos ; Vaitis, Michail 
1-Jan-2018Multi-scale seagrass mapping in satellite data and the use of UAS in accuracy assessmentMakri, Despina ; Stamatis, Panagiotis ; Doukari, Michaela ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Vasilakos, Christos ; Topouzelis, Konstantinos 
1-Jan-2016A numerical algorithm for the optimal placement of inset mapsVarsamis, Dimitris ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos 
1-Dec-2012A parallel searching algorithm for the insetting procedure in Matlab Parallel ToolboxVarsamis, Dimitris N. ; Mastorocostas, Paris A. ; Papakonstantinou, Apostolos ; Karampetakis, Nicholas