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25-Oct-2004Intersecting hyper-surfaces in dimensionally continued topological density gravitationGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
11-Sep-2006Intersecting hypersurfaces in AdS and Lovelock gravityGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
Aug-2007Intersecting hypersurfaces, topological densities and Lovelock GravityGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
5-Jun-2003Israel conditions for the Gauss-Bonnet theory and the Friedmann equation on the brane universeGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
13-Apr-2007`Mass without mass' from thin shells in Gauss-Bonnet gravityGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven 
Dec-2009Singular sources in gravity and homotopy in the space of connectionsGravanis, Elias ; Willison, Steven