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19-Dec-2017Comparison of a PWM inverter and a multilevel inverter using the switching function analysis for harmonic content and efficiencyPaterakis, Fotis ; Marouchos, Christos ; Darwish, Mohammed K. ; Nafpaktitis, Drosos 
7-Nov-2019Efficiency Investigation of A Protection and Correction Solid State Device for Low-Voltage Distribution NetworksIoannou, Stelios ; Marouchos, Christos ; Darwish, Mohammed K. ; Putrus, Ghanim A. 
7-Nov-2019Energy Efficient Snubber NetworksDarwish, Mohammed K. ; Marouchos, Christos ; Janbey, Al ; Amreiz, Hassan Musa 
Dec-2017Investigation of the switched inductor circuit for harmonics compensationArgyrou, Maria C. ; Marouchos, Christos ; Darwish, Mohammed K. ; Iosif, Eftihia ; Paterakis, Fotis 
19-Dec-2017An investigation of the switched-capacitor circuit as a solid-state fault current limiting and interrupting device (FCLID) with power factor correction suitable for low-voltage distribution networksMarouchos, Christos ; Putrus, Ghanim A. ; Darwish, Mohammed K. ; Paterakis, Fotis