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May-2018Detection of dead standing Eucalyptus camaldulensis without tree delineation for managing biodiversity in native Australian forestMiltiadou, Milto ; Campbell, Neil D.F. ; Gonzalez Aracil, Susana ; Browne, Tony ; Grant, Michael G. 
Sep-2016Improving and optimising visualisations of full-waveform LiDAR dataMiltiadou, Milto ; Campbell, Neil D.F. ; Brown, Mathew ; Cosker, Darren ; Grant, Michael G. 
Jun-2019Open source software DASOS: efficient accumulation, analysis, and visualisation of full-waveform lidarMiltiadou, Milto ; Grant, Michael G. ; Campbell, Nell D.F ; Warren, Mark ; Crewley, Daniel ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G.