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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019Altered grey matter density and resting state functional connectivity among headache sufferers vs. matched controlsKarekla, Maria ; Vasiliou, Vasilis S. ; Constantinidou, Fofi ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
10-Jan-2019Altered Resting Functional Connectivity Is Related to Cognitive Outcome in Males With Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryKonstantinou, Nikos ; Pettemeridou, Eva ; Stamatakis, Emmanuel A. ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Constantinidou, Fofi 
10-Mar-2016Assessing the Relationship between Neurocognitive Performance and Brain Volume in Chronic Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryKonstantinou, Nikos ; Pettemeridou, Eva ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Eracleous, Eleni ; Papacostas, Savvas S. ; Papanicolaou, Andrew C ; Constantinidou, Fofi 
May-2018A Bihemispheric Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) approach to improve language performance in a case of chronic post-stroke aphasiaGeorgiou, Anastasios M. ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Phinikettos, Ioannis ; Kambanaros, Maria 
5-May-2014Blinded by the load: attention, awareness and the role of perceptual loadLavie, Nilli ; Beck, Diane M ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
19-Apr-2023Causal evidence for the role of the sensory visual cortex in visual short-term memory maintenancePhylactou, Phivos ; Shimi, Andria ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
1-Feb-2017Discrete capacity limits and neuroanatomical correlates of visual short-term memory for objects and spatial locationsKonstantinou, Nikos ; Constantinidou, Fofi ; Kanai, Ryota 
Aug-2013Dissociable roles of different types of working memory load in visual detectionKonstantinou, Nikos ; Lavie, Nilli 
10-May-2018A dual-hemispheric theta burst stimulation (TBS) approach to improve language performance in a case of chronic post-stroke non-fluent aphasiaKambanaros, Maria ; Georgiou, Anastasios M. ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Phinikettos, Ioannis 
1-Oct-2020Effects of visual short-term memory load and attentional demand on the contrast response functionKonstantinou, Nikos ; Lavie, Nilli 
Jun-2023Episodic memory effects of gamma frequency precuneus transcranial magnetic stimulation in Alzheimer's disease: A randomized multiple baseline studyTraikapi, Artemis ; Kalli, Ioanna ; Kyriakou, Andrea ; Stylianou, Elena ; Symeou, Rafaella Tereza ; Kardama, Akrivi ; Christou, Yiolanda Panayiota ; Phylactou, Phivos ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
Nov-2020Extrapolating continuous color emotions through deep learningRam, Vishaal ; Schaposnik, Laura P. ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Volkan, Eliz ; Papadatou-Pastou, Marietta ; Manav, Banu ; Jonauskaite, Domicele ; Mohr, Christine 
13-Dec-2021Gamma Oscillations in Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Potential Therapeutic RoleTraikapi, Artemis ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
Mar-2023Investigation of in-phase bilateral exercise effects on corticospinal plasticity in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: A registered report single-case concurrent multiple baseline design across five subjectsSokratous, Dimitris ; Charalambous, Charalambos C ; Zamba Papanicolaou, Eleni ; Michailidou, Kyriaki ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
3-Jun-2019Neuronavigated theta burst stimulation for chronic aphasia: two exploratory case studiesGeorgiou, Anastasios M. ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Phinikettos, Ioannis ; Kambanaros, Maria 
1-Jan-2023One in four people fail to perceive phosphenes during early visual cortex transcranial magnetic stimulationPhylactou, Phivos ; Traikapi, Artemis ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
Dec-2018Processing emotional faces under different perceptual load conditions and the effects of alexithymia and heart rate variabilityPanayiotou, Georgia ; Theodorou, Marios ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Vrana, Scott 
Dec-2017Processing threatening and non-threatening distractors under load: the role of self-reported social anxiety and heart rate variabilityTheodorou, Marios ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Panayiotou, Georgia 
Oct-2022Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the human motor cortex in the gamma band reduces cortical excitabilityTraikapi, Artemis ; Phylactou, Phivos ; Konstantinou, Nikos 
Jul-2011Risky and aggressive driving in young adults: Personality mattersConstantinou, Elena ; Panayiotou, Georgia ; Konstantinou, Nikos ; Loutsiou-Ladd, Anthi ; Kapardis, Andreas