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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Attitudes and behaviour towards organic products: an exploratory studyZotos, Yorgos ; Tsakiridou, Efthimia; Boutsouki, Christina ; Mattas, Kostantinos
2008Consumer behaviour towards own label: monitoring the Greek experienceZotos, Yorgos ; Boutsouki, Christina ; Masouti, Zafeiria 
1-Jan-2017Corporate facebook posts in the UK & Greece: A content analysisRiskos, Kyriakos ; Hatzithomas, Leonidas ; Boutsouki, Christina ; Zotos, Yorgos 
May-2009Developing a holistic strategy for integrated waste management within municipal planning: challenges, policies, solutions and perspectives for Hellenic municipalities in the zero-waste, low-cost directionZotos, Yorgos ; Karagiannidis, Avraam K.; Zampetoglou, S.; Malamakis, Apostolos; Antonopoulos, Ioannis Sofocles; Kontogianni, Stamatia; Tchobanoglous, George
Jul-2013Effective interactive websites: examining the moderating role of involvementZotos, Yorgos ; Palla, Polyxeni ; Tsiotsou, Rodoula H. 
May-2009The effects of culture and product type on the use of humor in Greek TV advertising: an application of Speck's humorous message taxonomyZotos, Yorgos ; Hatzithomas, Leonidas ; Boutsouki, Christina 
14-Aug-2006Employing a dichotomous choice model to assess Willingness to Pay (WTP) for organically produced productsTsakiridou, Efthimia ; Zotos, Yorgos ; Mattas, Konstantinos 
2014Female portrayals in advertising past research, new directionsTsichla, Eirini ; Zotos, Yorgos 
2009Female role stereotypes in print advertising: Identifying associations with magazine and product categoriesZotos, Yorgos ; Plakoyiannaki, Emmanuella
25-Aug-2014Female stereotypes in print advertising: a retrospective analysisZotos, Yorgos ; Tsichla, Eirini 
2014Gaining satisfaction and trust in a brand websiteZotos, Yorgos ; Tsiotsou, Rodoula ; Palla, Polyxeni 
2016Gender portrayals revisited: searching for explicit and implicit stereotypes in Cypriot magazine advertisementsTsichla, Eirini ; Zotos, Yorgos 
1-Jan-2016Gender stereotypes in advertising: A review of current researchGrau, Stacy Landreth ; Zotos, Yorgos 
1-Jan-2016Gender stereotypes in advertising: Exploring new directionsZotos, Yorgos ; Grau, Stacy Landreth 
2011Humor and cultural values in print advertising: a cross-cultural studyZotos, Yorgos ; Hatzithomas, Leonidas ; Boutsouki, Christina 
2008Images of women in online advertisements of global products: does sexism exist?Zotos, Yorgos ; Plakoyiannaki, Emmanuella; Mathioudaki, Kalliopi; Dimitratos, Pavlos
Nov-2008Images of women in online advertisements of global products: Does sexism exist?Plakoyiannaki, Emmanuella ; Mathioudaki, Kalliopi ; Dimitratos, Pavlos ; Zotos, Yorgos 
2011Is humor a countercyclical advertising strategy?Zotos, Yorgos ; Outra, Evaggelia ; Hatzithomas, Leonidas ; Boutsouki, Christina 
2013Is website interactivity always beneficial? an elaboration likelihood model approachZotos, Yorgos ; Palla, Polyxeni ; Tsiotsou, Rodoula H. 
2012Is website interactivity beneficial for low involvement products?Zotos, Yorgos ; Tsiotsou, Rodoula H. ; Palla, Polyxeni