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Sep-2013Cell wall modifications and ethylene-induced tolerance to non-chilling peel pitting in citrus fruitVicente, Ariel Roberto ; Minas, Ioannis S. ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Lafuente, María T. ; Manganaris, George A. 
Dec-2010Effect of ozone application during cold storage of kiwifruit on the development of stem-end rot caused by Botrytis cinereaMinas, Ioannis S. ; Karaoglanidis, George S. ; Vasilakakis, Miltiadis ; Manganaris, George A. 
10-Nov-2015H NMR metabolic fingerprinting to probe temporal postharvest changes on qualitative attributes and phytochemical profile of sweet cherry fruitGoulas, Vlasios ; Minas, Ioannis S. ; Kourdoulas, Panayiotis ; Lazaridou, Athina ; Molassiotis, Athanassios ; Gerothanassis, Ioannis P. ; Manganaris, George A. 
Dec-2014Ozone-induced kiwifruit ripening delay is mediated by ethylene biosynthesis inhibition and cell wall dismantling regulationMinas, Ioannis S. ; Vicente, Ariel Roberto ; Dhanapal, Arun Prabhu ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Vasilakakis, Miltiadis ; Crisosto, Carlos H. ; Molassiotis, Athanassios ; Manganaris, George A. 
17-Nov-2022Peach for the future: A specialty crop revisitedManganaris, George A. ; Minas, Ioannis S. ; Cirilli, Marco ; Torres, Rosario ; Bassi, Daniele ; Costa, Guglielmo 
Apr-2012Physiological and proteomic approaches to address the active role of ozone in kiwifruit post-harvest ripeningMinas, Ioannis S. ; Tanou, Georgia ; Belghazi, Maya ; Job, Dominique ; Molassiotis, Athanassios ; Vasilakakis, Miltiadis ; Manganaris, George A. 
Jul-2014Phytochemical content, antioxidants and cell wall metabolism of two loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) cultivars under different storage regimesMinas, Ioannis S. ; Kourdoulas, Panayiotis ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Vicente, Ariel Roberto ; Manganaris, George A. 
May-2012Sulfur dioxide fumigation alone or in combination with CO2-enriched atmosphere extends the market life of highbush blueberry fruitGoulas, Vlasios ; Cantín, Celia M. ; Minas, Ioannis S. ; Jiménez, Manuel ; Michailides, Themis J. ; Crisosto, Carlos H. ; Manganaris, George A.