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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Agricultural use of sludge and treated wastewater from sewage treatment plantsMarinova, Svetla ; Toncheva, R. ; Zlatareva, E. ; Pchelarova, H. ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2003Application of municipal sludge to forestland: nitrogen leachate controlKathijotes, Nicholas 
2003Application of wastewater sludge to forestland possibilities and prospectsKoleva, Milena ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
Oct-2015Aquaculture, coastal pollution and the environmentAlam, Lubna ; Kontou, Artemis ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2010Assessing impact of low quality water used in irrigated agriculture on food productionZhivko, Zhivkov ; Torma, Stanislav ; Vilcek, Josef ; Dimitrov, Peter ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2008Assessing suitability of water for irrigation in BulgariaDimitrov, Peter ; Kalcheva, Spaska ; Simeonova, Tsetska ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2008Assessment and usage in agriculture of water from wastewater treatment stationsMarinova, Svetla ; Torma, Stanislav ; Dimitrov, Peter ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2015Assessment of environmental and human health risk for contamination of heavy metal in Tilapia fish collected from Langat Basin, MalaysiaAlam, Lubna ; Mokhtar, Mazlin Bin ; Alam, Md. Mahmudul ; Bari, Md. Azizul ; Ta, Goh Choo ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2008Atmospheric pollution control resulting from land application of farm liquid wastesMarinova, Svetla ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2014Blue technologies: the water- energy interrelationship and renewable energiesKathijotes, Nicholas 
2014Blue Technology towards Sustainable Urban and Coastal DevelopmentKathijotes, Nicholas 
2005Chemical Changes in Alluvial Lawn Soils, Fertilized by Sediments from Wastewater Treatment StationsMarinova, Svetla ; Tsolova, V. ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2011Coastal pollution of the Black Sea from livestock farms - evaluation and control methodsMarinova, Svetla ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Decision support system for low quality water use in agricultureKalcheva, Spaska ; Torma, Stanislav ; Vilcek, Josef ; Dimitrov, Peter ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2014Development of water management systems in ancient CyprusAzina, Panayiota ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Ecological approach for chemical amelioration of Solonetz with Gypsum from sulfur gasesZlatareva, E. ; Marinova, Svetla ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Ecological evaluation of the coastal and marine zones of the island of Cyprus- pollution and nutrient controlKathijotes, Nicholas 
2005Effects of treated wastewater and sludge in agriculture: environmental and growth evaluation of selected culturesMarinova, Svetla ; Petrov, K. ; Kathijotes, Nicholas 
2010Evaluation and Control, of Marine Pollution due to Land-Based Activities – A Preview of the Cyprus CaseKathijotes, Nicholas 
2009Evaluation and control, of marine pollution due to land-based activities – a preview of the Cyprus caseKathijotes, Nicholas