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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20113D reconstruction of urban areasPoullis, Charalambos 
2009Automatic creation of massive virtual citiesPoullis, Charalambos ; You, Suya 
2009Automatic reconstruction of cities from remote sensor dataPoullis, Charalambos ; You, Suya 
21-Jun-2018DeepCaustics: Classification and Removal of Caustics From Underwater ImageryForbes, Timothy ; Goldsmith, Mark ; Mudur, Sudhir ; Poullis, Charalambos 
Mar-2010Delineation and geometric modeling of road networksYou, Suya ; Poullis, Charalambos 
2017Development and integration of digital technologies addressed to raise awareness and access to European underwater cultural heritage. An overview of the H2020 i-MARECULTURE projectBruno, Fabio ; Lagudi, Antonio ; Ritacco, Gerardo ; Čejka, Jan ; Kouřil, Pavel ; Liarokapis, Fotis ; Agrafiotis, Panagiotis ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios ; Philpin-Briscoe, Oliver ; Poullis, Charalambos ; Mudur, Sudhir 
14-Sep-2015Effectiveness of an Immersive Virtual Environment (CAVE) for teaching pedestrian crossing to children with PDD-NOSTzanavari, Aimilia ; Charalambous-Darden, Nefi ; Herakleous, Kyriakos ; Poullis, Charalambos 
Mar-2019Evaluation of “The Seafarers”: A serious game on seaborne trade in the Mediterranean sea during the Classical periodPoullis, Charalambos ; Kersten-Oertel, Marta ; Benjamin, J. Praveen ; Philbin-Briscoe, Oliver ; Simon, Bart ; Perissiou, Dimitra ; Demesticha, Stella ; Markou, Evangeline ; Frentzos, Elias ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios ; Rizvic, Selma 
2-Apr-2014A Framework for Automatic Modeling from Point Cloud DataPoullis, Charalambos 
2007Generating high-resolution textures for 3d virtual environments using view-independent texture mappingPoullis, Charalambos ; You, Suya ; Neumann, Ulrich 
1-Jan-2014Immersive visualizations in a VR cave environment for the training and enhancement of social skills for children with autismMatsentidou, Skevi ; Poullis, Charalambos 
1-Dec-2013Improving augmented reality applications with optical flowHerakleous, Kyriakos ; Poullis, Charalambos 
2007Linear feature extraction using perceptual grouping and graph-cutsPoullis, Charalambos ; You, Suya ; Neumann, Ulrich 
20-Jun-2016Navigation in virtual reality: Comparison of gaze-directed and pointing motion controlChristou, Chris ; Tzanavari, Aimilia ; Herakleous, Kyriakos ; Poullis, Charalambos 
Jul-2009Photorealistic large-scale urban city model reconstructionPoullis, Charalambos ; You, Suya 
31-Oct-2016Project iMARECULTURE: Advanced VR, immersive serious games and augmented reality as tools to raise awareness and access to European underwater cultural heritageSkarlatos, Dimitrios ; Agrafiotis, Panagiotis ; Balogh, Tibor ; Bruno, Fabio ; Castro, Filipe ; Davidde Petriaggi, Barbara ; Demesticha, Stella ; Doulamis, Anastasios D. ; Drap, Pierre ; Georgopoulos, Andreas ; Kikillos, F. ; Kyriakidis, Phaedon ; Liarokapis, Fotis ; Poullis, Charalambos ; Rizvic, Selma 
2-Dec-2015Psychophysiological responses to virtual crowds: Implications for wearable computingChristou, Chris ; Herakleous, Kyriakos ; Tzanavari, Aimilia ; Poullis, Charalambos 
2008Rapid creation of large-scale photorealistic virtual environmentsPoullis, Charalambos ; You, Suya ; Neumann, Ulrich 
20-Jan-2019Reflecting on the Design Process for Virtual Reality ApplicationsSutcliffe, Alistair G. ; Poullis, Charalambos ; Gregoriades, Andreas ; Katsouri, Irene ; Tzanavari, Aimilia ; Herakleous, Kyriakos 
5-Oct-2017A serious game for understanding ancient seafaring in the Mediterranean SeaPhilbin-Briscoe, Oliver ; Simon, Bart ; Mudur, Sudhir ; Poullis, Charalambos ; Rizvic, Selma ; Boskovic, Dusanka ; Liarokapis, Fotis ; Katsouri, Irene ; Demesticha, Stella ; Skarlatos, Dimitrios