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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2011Anxiety levels and related symptoms in emergency nursing personnel in GreeceStathopoulou, Hariklia ; Panagiotopoulou, Fotini ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria 
2009Anxiety states among Hellenic emergency department and intensive care nurses: a comparative studyKalafati, Maria ; Stathopoulou, Hariklia ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria 
1-Oct-2016Anxiety symptoms and quality of interaction among oncology nurses: a correlational, cross-sectional studyKaranikola, Maria ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita ; Kalafati, Maria ; Kaite, Charis P. ; Patiraki, Elisabeth ; Mpouzika, Meropi ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Middleton, Nicos 
2004The application of cognitive therapy to the management of physical illnessZafiropoulou-Koutrouba, Anna ; Karanikola, Maria 
2007Application of Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy to nursing qualitative researchPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria 
Oct-2009Assessment of anxiety symptoms among intensive care nursing personnel in GreeceKaranikola, Maria ; Stathopoulou, Hariklia ; Kalafati, Maria ; Terzi, Angela-Beth ; Mpouzika, Meropi ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth 
2018The Association between Deliberate Self-Harm and School Bullying Victimization and the Mediating Effect of Depressive Symptoms and Self-Stigma: A Systematic ReviewKaranikola, Maria ; Lyberg, Anne ; Holm, Anne-Lise ; Severinsson, Elisabeth 
May-2019Association between illegal use of substances and suicidal behavior in school students: An integrative review of empirical dataKaranikola, Maria ; Zisimou, Prodromoula ; Nystazaki, Maria ; Zafiropoulou-Koutrouba, Anna ; Severinsson, Elisabeth 
5-Dec-2013The association between stressful life events and depressive symptoms among Cypriot university students: a cross-sectional descriptive correlational studyMiddleton, Nicos ; Merkouris, Anastasios ; Karanikola, Maria ; Sokratous, Sokratis 
Dec-2007Association between subjective descriptors of coronary pain and disease characteristics: A pilot study in a Hellenic rural populationTziallas, Dimitrios Ch. ; Papathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Kastanioti, Catherine K. ; Fatourou, Maria ; Giannakopoulou, Margarita ; Karanikola, Maria 
1-Oct-2013Association of social capital at work with self-rated health and psychological distress: Nicos MiddletonMiddleton, Nicos ; Andreou, Panayiota ; Lamnisos, Demetris ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Papastavrou, Evridiki ; Karanikola, Maria ; Kouta, Christiana 
May-2021Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge towards Medical Cannabis of Greek undergraduate and postgraduate university nursing studentsGiannakopoulou, Margarita ; Vouzavali, Fotini ; Paikopoulou, Dimitra ; Paschali, Antonia ; Mpouzika, Meropi ; Karanikola, Maria 
2013Autoevaluación de la salud de madres solteras: una exploración sistemática de la bibliografíaRousou, Elena ; Kouta, Christiana ; Middleton, Nicos ; Karanikola, Maria 
Mar-2012Burnout syndrome indices in Greek intensive care nursing personnelPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria ; Mpouzika, Meropi 
19-Feb-2013The corpus callosum of critical care:interprofessional education,collaboration and birth of ameta-paradigmPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Karanikola, Maria 
2009Critical care nurses' lived experience of caring: a hermeneutic investigationPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Vouzavali, Foteini ; Karanikola, Maria 
2007A critical review of professional satisfaction theories in nursingPapathanassoglou, Elizabeth ; Lemonidou, Chryssoula ; Karanikola, Maria 
21-Nov-2018Cross-national transferability of online app for the transition to parenthood: Baby Buddy ForwardMiddleton, Nicos ; Kolokotroni, Ourania ; Nicolaou, Christiana ; Christodoulides, V. ; Papain, S. ; Hadjigeorgiou, Eleni ; Karanikola, Maria ; Papadopoulou, Maria ; Kouta, Christiana ; Baum, Alison 
5-Dec-2019Cultural Adaptation in Greek language and Validation of the instrument «Bullying in Nursing Education Questionnaire (BNEQ)» to university nursing studentsKalafati, Maria ; Tziaferi, Styliani ; Nieri, Alexandra Stauvroula ; Dede, Maria Niki ; Karanikola, Maria ; Mpouzika, Meropi 
1-Jan-2020Development and implementation of clozapine protocol in patients with schizophrenia in GreeceNystazaki, Maria ; Karanikola, Maria ; Gartzoni, V. ; Georgou, A. ; Tolia, St ; Liapis, Chr ; Psomiadi, M. ; Alevizopoulos, G.