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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Banal nationalism in the visual discourse of print advertisements in CyprusZantides, Evripides 
May-2015Beer advertising and national identity: drinking who we areZantides, Evripides 
1-Sep-2016Communicating content: development and evaluation of icons for academic document triage through visualisation and perceptionMavri, Aekaterini ; Loizides, Fernando ; Zantides, Evripides 
2-Jan-2018Constructing official culture through stamps: The case of the Republic Of CyprusAndreou, Sonia ; Zantides, Evripides 
Jun-2016Cyprus and Conspiracy Theories after the Troika Levy in 2013Zantides, Evripides 
Mar-2015Cyprus – Crossroads of Civilizations and Conspiracy Theories. Where the East meets the WestZantides, Evripides 
2013Depicting timeDr Zantides, Evripides ; Papadima, Aspasia 
2013Depicting time: Visualizing the duration of existence and facts in past, present and futureZantides, Evripides ; Papadima, Aspasia 
Jun-2018Differences, similarities and changes of national identity signs in print advertisementsZantides, Evripides 
2016The distinct sounds of the Greek-Cypriot dialect take on (typographic) characterZantides, Evripides 
2012Europa Decapitates her Seducer with a Euro SignZantides, Evripides 
Dec-2015Exploring the mythical qualities of letterforms through semiotics and content analysisZantides, Evripides 
13-Feb-2018Eye-tracking the semiotic effects of layout on viewing print advertisementsDamaskinidis, George ; Kourdis, Evangelos ; Zantides, Evripides ; Sykioti, Eleni 
1-Mar-2017Gendering the nation: A case study on the postage stamps of CyprusAndreou, Sonia ; Stylianou, Stephanie ; Zantides, Evripides 
Oct-2016H γεύση του έθνους μέσω των γραφιστικών αναπαραστάσεων της Θεάς Αφροδίτης σε κυπριακά εδέσματαStylianou, Stephanie ; Zantides, Evripides 
Jun-2017Interrelations and multi-semiosis of national identity and cultural meanings in print advertisements of Cyprus airways: our destination is usZantides, Evripides 
Jul-2018Introduction – Design as SemiosisFrangopoulos, Miltos ; Zantides, Evripides 
May-2017Logo taboos: redesigning the visual identity of the Cyprus University of TechnologyZantides, Evripides 
2-Jul-2016Looking inwards, designing outwards: national identity and print advertisements of the Cyprus Tourism OrganisationZantides, Evripides 
2012Nostalgic SensesZantides, Evripides