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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017BoomPapadima, Aspasia 
2019Branding patriarchy: The rituals and design choices of the all-male Greek-Cypriot coffee shopPapadima, Aspasia 
May-2019Communication in social media: football clubs, language, and ideologyPapadima, Aspasia ; Photiadis, Thomas 
Jun-2017Cultural Studies and the teaching of citizenship: analysing posters about the Aegean refugee dramaPapadima, Aspasia ; Vamvakidou, Ifigenia ; Tsioumis, Kostis 
2010Culture of Love and Hate: A semiotic investigation on specific film scenesZantides, Evripides ; Papadima, Aspasia 
Nov-2013Depicting time: Visualizing the duration of existence and facts in past, present and futureZantides, Evripides ; Papadima, Aspasia 
Nov-2019EmbracePapadima, Aspasia 
24-Aug-2015Global meets local: typographic practices and the semiotic role of subtitling in the creation of parodies in Cypriot dialect on Internet textsPapadima, Aspasia ; Kourdis, Evangelos 
Nov-2011The Greek-Cypriot Dialect in Writing: Orthographic Conventions and Typographic Practices.Papadima, Aspasia ; Ayiomamitou, Ioli ; Kyriacou, Stelios 
2011A harmonised orthographic system for the Greek-Cypriot dialectPapadima, Aspasia ; Ayiomamitou, Ioli ; Kyriacou, Stelios 
Dec-2015Introducing a new set of typographic characters for the representation of the distinct sounds of the Greek-Cypriot dialectPapadima, Aspasia 
2010Lead by a bright starPapadima, Aspasia 
2009Me and the others & Me and youPapadima, Aspasia 
2015Mother TonguePapadima, Aspasia 
2014Orthography development for the Greek-Cypriot dialect: language attitudes and orthographic choicePapadima, Aspasia ; Ayiomamitou, Ioli ; Kyriacou, Stelios ; Parmaxis, Giorgos 
2015Peace of the soul-visual poetryPapadima, Aspasia 
2014Posthumous Fame/ShamePapadima, Aspasia 
2017The Seduction of the Dialect in Visual Communication: Greek Cypriot Dialect in Print AdvertisementsPapadima, Aspasia ; Zantides, Evripides ; Kourdis, Evangelos 
Jun-2016Semiosis in online communication of football fans in Cyprus: Language choices and ideologyPapadima, Aspasia ; Photiades, Thomas 
2018Semiotic Landscape in Cyprus: Verbo-Cultural Palimpsests as Visual Communication Strategy in Private (Shop) Signs in Limassol.Papadima, Aspasia ; Kourdis, Evangelos