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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adult vocational decision, career satisfaction and future intention: Insights from the hospitality industryZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis 
6-May-2008The Asymmetries of Globalization or the Tyranny of ReificationGouliamos, Kostas ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Sakellis, Yannis 
Oct-2013Bar crawls, foam parties, and clubbing networks: Mapping the risk environment of a Mediterranean nightlife resortSönmez, Sevil F. ; Apostolopoulos, Yorghos ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Massengale, Kelley 
17-Dec-2020Career change in a small island tourism destination: evidence from former hospitality managersZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
2-Jan-2018Career satisfaction and future intentions in the hospitality industry: an intrinsic or an extrinsic proposition?Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Constanti, Panayiotis 
Oct-2013A Conceptual and Empirical Framework for the Development of a Country Wide Loyalty Scheme Servicing the Cyprus Tourism IndustryZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Kosmas, Petros C. ; Papadopoulos, Constantinos 
2010A contextual typology for the study of the relationship between political instability and tourismTheocharous, Antonis L. 
1-Nov-2016Developing a Country-wide Tourist Loyalty Scheme: A Barren LandscapeZopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Kosmas, Petros C. ; Webster, Craig ; Melanthiou, Yioula 
28-Sep-2021Digitizing the Future of Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism in Cyprus: The MITOS PlatformTheocharous, Antonis L. ; Kosmas, Petros C. ; Panagopoulou, Maria ; Giannoullis, Petros ; Andreev, Christos 
15-May-2022Digitizing the future of Sustainable Tourism: The MITOS ICT-based tourism platformKosmas, Petros C. ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Panagopoulou, Maria ; Constantinides, Constantinos ; Giannoulis, Petros ; Andreev, Hristo ; Hadjipanayiotou, Charis 
Apr-2001Does cultural background of tourists influence the destination choice? an empirical study with special reference to political instabilityTheocharous, Antonis L. ; Nutall, M. W. ; Seddighi, Hamid R. 
2013Evolution, psychology, and technology: Integrative views on social interactions in online environmentsMahfouz, Ahmed Y. ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Philaretou, Andreas Georgiou 
3-Aug-2023Exploring profitability changes in hospitality industry: An econometric and statistical perspectivePericleous, Katerina ; Kosmas, Petros C. ; Theocharous, Antonis L. ; Ioakimoglou, Elias ; Andreev, Christos 
6-May-2008A Global Workforce: The Phenomenon of Labour Mobility in the EU with Special Reference to CyprusGouliamos, Kostas ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
2008Harming Democracy in Mediolatry Societies: Decoding the Marketing of War and Animosities through Photo ImagesGouliamos, Kostas ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
20-Sep-2021Heartland of LegendsTheocharous, Antonis 
1-Jun-2019Hospitality education and finance courses: An ‘inconvenient’ relationship?Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Savva, Christos S. ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
16-Jun-2004The impact of political instability on the tourism industries of selected Mediterranean destinations: a neural network approachTheocharous, Antonis L. 
1-Feb-2017Intercultural workplace relationships in the hospitality industry: Beyond the tip of the icebergVassou, Chrystalla ; Zopiatis, Anastasios ; Theocharous, Antonis L. 
2014Job involvement, commitment, satisfaction and turnover: Evidence from hotel employees in CyprusZopiatis, Anastasios ; Constanti, Panayiotis ; Theocharous, Antonis L.