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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Citizenship and Juvenile DelinquencyStylianou, Stelios 
Jul-2004Control attitudes and perceptions of drug use: An exploratory studyStylianou, Stelios 
1-Jan-2002Control attitudes toward drug use as a function of paternalistic and moralistic principlesStylianou, Stelios 
2-Dec-2019Explaining the presence of political content in football fans’ antagonistic communication in CyprusStylianou, Stelios ; Theodoropoulou, Vivi 
2013The Internet in Cyprus 2012, Final ReportMilioni, Dimitra L. ; Stylianou, Stelios 
Dec-2015The internet in Cyprus 2014, Final ReportStylianou, Stelios ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2017The Internet in Cyprus 2016 : final reportStylianou, Stelios ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
Jul-2008Interview control questionsStylianou, Stelios 
2007Juvenile Delinquency in CyprusStylianou, Stelios 
1-Jan-2003Measuring crime seriousness perceptions: What have we learned and what else do we want to knowStylianou, Stelios 
2006National General Population Survey on Tobacco, Alcohol and Other DrugsStylianou, Stelios 
2009National Survey of Persons Arrested for Drug Offenses in 2008 : National Center for Documentation and Information on Drugs and Cyprus Police Drug Law EnforcementStylianou, Stelios 
1-Jan-2019An online experiment on the influence of online user comments on attitudes toward a minority groupStylianou, Stelios ; Sofokleous, Rafael 
2013Performing Fan Identities: the Role of Politics in the Antagonistic Communication of Football Fans in CyprusStylianou, Stelios ; Theodoropoulou, Vivi 
2007Rave Parties, Ravers and Drug UseStylianou, Stelios 
Nov-2002The relationship between elements and manifestations of low self-control in a general theory of crime: Two comments and a testStylianou, Stelios 
Aug-2004The role of religiosity in the opposition to drug useStylianou, Stelios 
Jul-2010Victimless deviance: Toward a classification of opposition justificationsStylianou, Stelios 
2013Βία και εγκληματικότητα στο τηλεοπτικό πεδίο της Κύπρου και ο ρόλος της Αρχής Ραδιοτηλεόρασης ΚύπρουΣτυλιανού, Στέλιος 
2018Η βία στην κυπριακή τηλεόρασηΣτυλιανού, Στέλιος