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Title: Selection signatures in worldwide sheep populations
Authors: Fariello, María Inés 
Servin, Bertrand 
Tosser-Klopp, Gwenola 
Rupp, Rachel 
Moreno, Carole Rénée 
Cristobal, Magali San 
Boitard, Simon B. 
Arranz, Juan Jose 
Banos, Georgios 
Barendse, William J. 
El Beltagy, Ahmedn 
Benenwitz, Jorn 
Bishop, Steve C. 
Bunger, Lutz 
Calvo, Jorge H. 
Carta, Antonello 
Cemal, İbrahim 
Ciani, Elena 
Cockett, Noelle E. 
Coltman, David W. 
Dalrymple, Brian P. 
D'Andrea, Mariasilvia Silvia 
Distl, Ottmar 
Drogemuller, Cord 
Erhardt, Georg J. 
Eythorsdottir, Emma 
Gietzen, Kimberly J. 
Gill, Clare 
Gootwine, Clare 
Gupta, Vidya Shrikant 
Hanotte, Olivier H. 
Hayes, Ben J. 
Heaton, Michael P. 
Hiendleder, Stefan G. 
Jialin, Han 
Kantanen, Juha 
Kent, Matthew 
Kijas, James W. 
Larkin, Denis M. 
Lenstra, Johannes A. 
Li, Kui 
Longhurst, Terry 
Ma, Runlin 
McCulloch, Russell J. 
MacHugh, David E. 
McWilliam, Sean M. 
McEwan, John C. 
Maddox, Jillian F. 
Malek, Massoud 
Mdomar, Faruque 
Miltiadou, Despoina 
Monteagudo Ibez, Luis V. 
Nicholas, Frank W. 
Nowak, Kristen J. 
Oddy, Victor Hutton 
Paiva, Samuel Rezende 
Pardeshi, Varsha Chhotusing 
Pemberton, Josephine M. M. 
Pilla, Fabio 
Porto Neto, Laércio R. 
Raadsma, Herman W. 
Roberts, Cyril 
San Cristobal, Magali 
Sechi, Tiziana 
Scheet, Paul A. 
Shariflou, Mohammad Reza 
Silva, Pradeepa 
Simianer, Henner 
Slate, Jon 
Tapio, Miika 
Vattathil, Selina 
Whan V., Vicki A. 
Keywords: Holstein cattle;Artificial selection;Missense mutation;Genotype data;Adult height;Coat color;Gene;Genome;Breeds;Receptor
Category: Animal and Dairy Science
Field: Agricultural Sciences
Issue Date: 15-Aug-2014
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Source: PLoS ONE, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 8, Article number e103813
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0103813
Journal: PLoS ONE 
Abstract: The diversity of populations in domestic species offers great opportunities to study genome response to selection. The recently published Sheep HapMap dataset is a great example of characterization of the world wide genetic diversity in sheep. In this study, we re-analyzed the Sheep HapMap dataset to identify selection signatures in worldwide sheep populations. Compared to previous analyses, we made use of statistical methods that (i) take account of the hierarchical structure of sheep populations, (ii) make use of linkage disequilibrium information and (iii) focus specifically on either recent or older selection signatures. We show that this allows pinpointing several new selection signatures in the sheep genome and distinguishing those related to modern breeding objectives and to earlier post-domestication constraints. The newly identified regions, together with the ones previously identified, reveal the extensive genome response to selection on morphology, color and adaptation to new environments.
ISSN: 19326203
Rights: © 2014 Fariello et al.
Type: Article
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