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Title: Designing for different stages in behavior change
Authors: Karapanos, Evangelos 
Keywords: Persuasive technologies;Stages of behavior change;User engagement
Category: Computer and Information Sciences
Field: Natural Sciences
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: CEUR-WS
Source: International Workshop on Personalization in Persuasive Technology, PPT 2016; Salzburg; Austria; 5 April 2016 through
Abstract: The behavior change process is a dynamic journey with different in-formational and motivational needs across its different stages; yet current technologies for behavior change are static. In our recent deployment of Habito, an activity tracking mobile app, we found individuals 'readiness' to behavior change (or the stage of behavior change they were in) to be a strong predictor of adoption. Individuals in the contemplation and preparation stages had an adoption rate of 56%, whereas individuals in precontemplation, action or maintenance stages had an adoption rate of only 20%. In this position paper we argue for behavior change technologies that are tailored to the different stages of behavior change.
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Type: Conference Papers
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