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Title: Global metabolic profiling of arabidopsis polyamine oxidase 4 (AtPAO4) loss-of-function mutants exhibiting delayed dark-induced senescence
Authors: Sequera-Mutiozabal, Miren I. 
Erban, Alexander 
Kopka, Joachim 
Atanasov, Kostadin E. 
Bastida, Jaume 
Fotopoulos, Vasileios 
Alcázar, Rubén 
Tiburcio, Antonio Fernández 
Keywords: Arabidopsis;Oxidative stress;Polyamine oxidases;Polyamines;Senescence;Spermine
Category: Agricultural Biotechnology
Field: Agricultural Sciences
Issue Date: 18-Feb-2016
Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
Source: Frontiers in Plant Science, 18 February 2016, Volume 7, Article number 173
DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00173
Abstract: Early and more recent studies have suggested that some polyamines (PAs), and particularly spermine (Spm), exhibit anti-senescence properties in plants. In this work, we have investigated the role of Arabidopsis Polyamine Oxidase 4 (PAO4), encoding a PA back-conversion oxidase, during dark-induced senescence. Two independent PAO4 (pao4-1 and pao4-2) loss-of-function mutants have been found that accumulate 10-fold higher Spm, and this associated with delayed entry into senescence under dark conditions. Mechanisms underlying pao4 delayed senescence have been studied using global metabolic profiling by GC-TOF/MS. pao4 mutants exhibit constitutively higher levels of important metabolites involved in redox regulation, central metabolism and signaling that support a priming status against oxidative stress. During senescence, interactions between PAs and oxidative, sugar and nitrogen metabolism have been detected that additively contribute to delayed entry into senescence. Our results indicate the occurrence of metabolic interactions between PAs, particularly Spm, with cell oxidative balance and transport/biosynthesis of amino acids as a strategy to cope with oxidative damage produced during senescence.
ISSN: 1664462X
Rights: © 2016, Sequera-Mutiozabal, Erban, Kopka, Atanasov, Bastida, Fotopoulos, Alcázar and Tiburcio
Type: Article
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