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Title: Testing of a ground coupled heat pump
Authors: Florides, Georgios A. 
Pouloupatis, Panayiotis 
Messaritis, Vassilios 
Florides, Georgios A. 
Pouloupatis, Panayiotis 
Keywords: Heat pumps;Energy conversion;Cooling
Category: Environmental Engineering
Field: Engineering and Technology
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IET
Source: 7th mediterranean conference and exhibition on power generation, transmission, distribution and energy conversion (MedPower 2010), 2010, Pages 1-6
Abstract: A Ground Coupled Heat Pump (GCHP) exploits the ground thermal capacity and the difference in temperature between ambient air and ground with the aid of Ground Heat Exchangers (GHE) for improving its efficiency. The main interest of this study is to determine the efficiency of a ground coupled heat pump used for the acclimatization of a typical office in the Athalassa region, Nicosia, Cyprus and investigate how its efficiency is affected by the operating conditions. The data collection was done in October, 2008 and January, 2009. In summer the results clearly indicate that there is a significant improvement in the sensible capacity over the input power ratio from about 2 to 2.52 when the cooling temperature of the condenser drops from 36.5°C to 22.4°C. In winter, the COP of the pump is 3.6 when the temperature of the evaporator is about 22°C. Significant savings in power can result when GCHPs are used instead of the air-cooled systems
ISBN: 9781849193191
DOI: 10.1049/cp.2010.0872
Rights: © The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Type: Book Chapter
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